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Cannaisseur Brands CBD Essentials First Aid Kit Review




With medical research now beginning to highlight the miraculous properties of cannabidiol (CBD), more and more people are beginning to understand the highly efficacious nature of this natural compound. From the outside looking in, CBD can be thought of as a natural medicinal ingredient that has been clinically shown to help the body in a host of different ways.

For starters, the CBD works in conjunction with the endocannabinoid system in our bodies, thus allowing our nerves, tissues, and muscles to feel more relaxed and rejuvenated in a quick and easy manner. Not only that, the compound also plays a big role in maximizing the efficiency of our immune and nervous systems.

Additionally, it bears mentioning that products containing full-spectrum CBD when used by patients suffering from severe inflammation can fasten their muscle recovery process as well as alleviate severe joint pain in a quick and hassle-free manner.

About Cannaisseur Brands

Cannaisseur Brands is a manufacturing firm that his best known for producing high-quality, medicinal grade cannabis products. All of the ingredients contained in their products are made from natural ingredients that have been cultivated and harvested in the United States. To be a bit more specific, all of the ingredients contained in the company’s products utilize premium, quality-assured, and lab-tested CBD — that has been extracted from female cannabis plants that are rich in terpenes.

Last but not least, all of the products being offered by Cannaisseur are third-party tested and have been made using environmentally sustainable practices.

What is Cannaisseur CBD Essentials First Aid Kit?

As the clearly implies, CBD Essentials First Aid Kit is a mixed bag of premium CBD infused products that have been crafted for treating a whole host of minor medical emergencies. The products have been tested for their overall effectiveness and are a safe and natural alternative to conventional medicines that are loaded with painkillers and other chemical additives (that are addictive in nature).

The kit contains the following products:

Pain Relief Cream: Each tube contains 1.5 oz of the topical solution. It is highly potent and just a small pin-drop of the cream needs to be applied to the affected area so as to allow the anti-inflammatory agents to start working.

Body & Massage Oil: Each unit contains 1oz of the oil. It can be applied directly to the body for relaxation and stress alleviation purposes. The oil is extremely potent and the results can be seen within a matter of minutes.

Lip Balm: This dense balm is non-greasy yet effective in nature. It helps moisturize one’s lips while offering a host of physical benefits such as increased moisture retention, enhanced skin motility, etc.

Salt Soak Concentrate: This unique bath salt is designed to help weed out any toxins that may be present in our upper epidermal layers as well as provide users with instant stress relief.

CBD Pain Patch: As the name quite clearly suggests, the CBD pain patch is designed to help users rid their bodies of intense muscular and joint pain in a quick, efficient manner.

Why Choose Cannaisseur’s First Aid Kit?

(i) High Quality: As mentioned earlier, all of the products included in the CBD First Aid Kit have been made using premium cannabidiol (CBD) that has been derived from feminized female cannabis plants.

(ii) Non-psychoactive: None of Cannaisseur’s products contain any major doses of TCH — the core component that is responsible for getting people high.

(iii) Easy to Use + Pleasant Smelling: All of the solutions that are being offered by Cannaissuer have been anchored with coconut oil. This is because coconut possesses a host of amazing antibacterial properties. Not only that, the products have also been infused with essential oils.

(iv) Multi-Purpose: The products are ideal for all skin types and can be used for extended periods of time without any physical side effects.

(v) Highly Effective: The products have been designed to help relieve discomfort from muscle and joint pain. If that wasn’t enough, the oils and creams can also moisturize and hydrate dry skin in a quick and efficient manner.

(vi) Quality Assurance: Each individual product has been formulated in a high-quality manufacturing plant. Not only that, Cannaisseur puts all of its products through a host of third-party testing procedures as well as quality control protocols.

CBD First Aid Kit Purchasing Options

To make a purchase of the CBD Essentials First Aid Kit, all one has to do is go to the official company website and follow the instructions outlined there. As things stand, there are currently two core options to choose from. They include:

(i) Standard Pack: This option is priced at $60. It includes the following products:

  • 1.5 oz Pain Relief Cream
  • 10ml Body & Massage Oil Roll-On
  • Lip Balm

(ii) Deluxe Pack: This package is currently available for $125. It includes the following products:

  • 1.5 oz Pain Relief Cream
  • 1oz Body & Massage Oil, Lip Balm
  • 1oz Salt Soak Concentrate
  • CBD Pain Patch

Payments can be made via a number of safe and secure avenues including MasterCard, Visa, AMEX etc. Additional shipping charges are applicable on all purchases.

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