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Cannabis Company Kush Queen To Launch Kingdm CBD Makeup Brand Featuring Foto Blur Product

Bea Brooks



  • Kush Queen is a cannabis company that has developed multiple wellness products.
  • Their new product line starts with a CBD-infused primer.

Kush Queen is a name that most people associate with the popular cannabis brand that has brought products like CBD bath bombs and other wellness products. Now, they’ve decided to broaden their product line to include Kingdm, a makeup like with CBD in it. The first product that the public will see reach their online marketplace, according to Allure, is Foto Blur, which contains 250 milligrams of CBD.

As more and more states legalize cannabis, the interest continues to grow in THC, which is the part of the cannabis plant that creates the sensation of feeling “high.” CBD is taking center stage at the moment, and is presently found in skincare products, drinks, foods, and other types of products that are being considered luxury items now.

Even though it is clear that additional research will be necessary, the current information shows that CBD is a beneficial remedy for pain, anxiety, insomnia, and inflammation. All of these benefits make CBD an ideal ingredient for skincare, which is why Olivia Alexander – the CEO and founder of Kush Queen – decided to launch a primer as the first of her products, especially due to the relief in inflammation that CBD can offer.

Along with CBD, the primer includes butylene glycol, decyl glucoside, and squalene, featuring an inconspicuous and almost plain black bottle. It should be used after the user’s skincare regimen is complete, but before applying any makeup products. With no residue and a light texture, it provides a smooth base on which to apply foundation, concealer, and other products.

Additional makeup launches are planned for the new Kingdm line, according to Alexander. The setting spray, for example, is planned to launch on October 1st, and the foundation will come soon after on November 1st in 20 shades. While there isn’t a launch date for eye shadow, it is presently in development.

Since hemp-based CBD is legal across the United States, the CBD-only products will be available online for anyone to ultimately purchase. However, there is a version that is presently in development that also offers THC, but they will only be offered in dispensaries in states that have legalized cannabis. Alexander points out that there is a significant likelihood of the THC makeup products getting the user high.

Speaking Allure, Alexander stated,

“Especially the foundation, it really does get you high. That’s really what I’m most excited about, not only the creation of a beauty product inside a dispensary but seeing how far we can push this boundary of experimental beauty.”

However, these statements don’t mean that Kush Queen is going to stock up on every single makeup product and infuse it with CBD. Products like lipstick and eye shadow are still in the research phase as the company tries to figure out how to use CBD in a way that can benefit consumers. Alexander commented, “I don’t want people to think that we woke up and were like, ‘Let’s put CBD in everything!’ Because it just doesn’t always make sense. We can look at makeup not just as a way to make us feel better, but as products that are working for you while you wear them.”

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