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Science Shows The Truth Of Hemp And CBD Benefits Versus The Snake Oil Stigma



  • Dr. Emek Blair of Valimenta Labs has launched research into the absorption of CBD.
  • The digestive system destroys much of the supplement that consumers eat, leading to less absorption of the nutrients.

CBD and hemp have made a lot of promises about the way that it can solve so many of the ailments that people face every day, whether for their physical or mental health. As a result, these products have come with a lot of controversy, due to the issues that companies have had in listing a fraudulent list of benefits.

Finding these fraudulent formulas appears to be simple, but the constant PR and market campaigns to push for the “best on the market” makes it easy for consumers to be victims to manipulation. Substantial hemp research has been performed in an attempt to weed out the fake products, and there has been a lot of energy put into safety and diabetes research to do so.

Presently, Dr. Emek Blair, the founder of Valimenta Labs, Puffin Hemp, and the CELLg8 Technology, noted in an article in Ganjapreneur that he is part of efforts to study the expression of DNA and the way that body reacts to hemp. Dr. Blair added that there are already papers being published on liposomal CBD, its safety, and its absorption, which all help consumers to understand the benefits that could come from CBD and hemp, if any.

The research specifically involves the way that natural products can improve health, if they are properly delivered to the body. Dr. Blair explained that the digestive system destroys many supplements as it absorbs them, which is why the preferred method of absorption of CBD is through liposomal technology.

Liposomes, as he explains, are small bubbles with an external shell, filled with a hollow liquid center, and they can be loaded with supplemental substances. Over the last few years, he explained,

“We worked to invent a whole new way of making liposomes as a copy to how they are produced naturally. This next generation technology has developed a way for liposomes, or these fat globules, to wrap around nutrients the same way that this occurs naturally — helping the body to recognize nutrients and resulting in better delivery.”

Considering the way that the liposome delivers nutrients to the body, Dr. Blair commented that they had developed the CELLg8 technology, helping to improve bioavailability. With this method od delivery, CBD and hemp formulas can better absorb into the body for the best reaction.

Ultimately, no matter what product is, adding a lifestyle supplement to someone’s routine should come with thorough research. This step could help consumers to avoid confusion and the misconceptions surrounding the use of CBD.

With the use of products that employ CELLg8 technology, Dr. Blair explained, “Instead of taking multiple doses in one sitting, you can take a small amount of liposomal formula with nearly complete absorption, thanks to science.”

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