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Releaf Drops CBD: Miracle Oil, Coronavirus and Dr Oz? – Think Again

New advertisement for The Buddy System Releaf Drops CBD product appears on social media channels claiming to be endorsed by Dr. Oz and a viable coronavirus protection aid – but filtering out the fluff, the research shows this hemp-derived CBD oil is relying on false marketing tactics to push its cannabidiol supplement.




As the coronavirus continues to strain society, it becomes even more crucial that consumers protect themselves both internally and externally. Unfortunately, the symptoms are not always so evident, hence, one should find ways to boost their respective immune systems.

The role of the immune system is to protect consumers from possible diseases caused by toxins and viruses among others. By boosting it, one’s immune system becomes strong enough to distinguish between the body’s cells and that filled with toxins. This is where it is most fit to introduce the The Buddy System's Releaf Drops CBD product.

While the coronavirus craze is spreading like wildfire around the world, and fears of protection and immunity are heightened, some marketers love to capitalize on the insecurities and vulnerabilities of consumers.

That appears to be the case with Releaf Drops CBD, although it may not be the company The Buddy System responsible for the promotion. Let's take a look what was sent to our team regarding Releaf Drops CBD, The Buddy System, coronavirus and even Dr. Oz.


fake advertisement about CBD products, coronavirus and Doctor Oz endorsement

Here’s what there is to know:

What is the Releaf Drops CBD by The Buddy System?

Proclaimed as an all-natural support, the intentions behind the Releaf Drops CBD is to ensure that consumers attain the necessary aid in protecting their immune system from environmental threats. The approach taken here involves the use of essential oils.

What ingredients are in the Releaf Drops CBD?

The Buddy System's Releaf Drops CBD proprietary blend consists of cinnamon, clove, lemon, lime, eucalyptus, rosemary, peppermint, spearmint and oregano essential oils.

In a study by Xuesheng Han, Tory L. Parker & Jeff Dorsett (2017) [1], an essential oil blend consisting of wild orange, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary were studied to see whether it had an effect on autoimmune diseases and chronic inflammation. It was found that the blend exhibited anti-inflammatory and immune properties, as well as anti-proliferative activity on cells (i.e. prevents the growth of malignant cells).

In a 2017 review by Hazem S. Elshafie and Ippolito Camele [2], a number of aromatic plants were examined. It was mentioned that the likes of Oregano have been traditionally used in modern medicine and within the pharmaceutical industry due to its antimicrobial activity. Then comes the peppermint and spearmint species, both of which have been found to contain anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious, antimicrobial and fungicidal properties.

When it comes to Lemon essential oils, the authors claimed that it has the potential to strengthen one’s immune system, increase white blood cell production and aid in digestive processes. This ingredient is widely known for its antiseptic, astringent and detoxifying properties among others.

Frequently Asked Questions About Releaf Drops CBD

How do I make use of the Releaf Drops CBD?

There are a number of ways to make use of the Releaf Drops CBD. First, one can choose to apply the essential oil blend directly onto their skin. Second, it can be used to clean the surfaces of one’s home and finally, one can create an immune barrier by incorporating the The Buddy System's CBD product in their respective diffusers.

Can I take the Releaf Drops CBD orally?

Since it has not been explicitly stated that the Releaf Drops CBD can be taken orally, consumers should refrain from doing so.

What are the benefits of the Releaf Drops CBD?

According to the creators of this supplement, consumers can anticipate not only an immune support, but also protection against environmental threats, multi-uses (i.e. topical application, cleaning the surface or using it in a diffuser) and increased energy.

Has the Releaf Drops CBD been tested for purity?

As per the claims made, the Releaf Drops CBD has been GC/MS tested for purity and has passed. This supplement is also GMO free and is said to be 100% pure.

What will I receive upon making a purchase?

Upon purchase, consumers are expected to receive a 15ml bottle of the Releaf Drops CBD.

How does the trial offer work?

The “free” trial offer for the Releaf Drops CBD is encouraged because it allows one to evaluate the product within a 14-day period. The only cost consumers have to cover is that of the shipping, which is roughly $4.95.

If consumers are satisfied within the 14-day period, then a charge of $89.95 will be automatically made to one’s card for the product received. In addition, consumers will be automatically enrolled in their subscription plan. Should the essential oil blend fail one’s expectations, it is as simple as calling customer service and cancelling the trial.

Who do I contact for more information regarding the Releaf Drops CBD?

For more information on the The Buddy System Releaf Drops CBD and other order-related clarifications needed, one can reach customer service either at 1 (888) 524-6045 or at

How long do I have to wait to receive the Releaf Drops CBD?

Shipping can take anywhere between 5 and 7 days.

Is there a return policy in place?

Outside of the trial period, one can choose to return their respective essential oil blend. However, it must be in its unopened package and should be returned within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. Once the product has been received, consumers can expect to be refunded within 14 to 30 days.

How much does the Releaf Drops CBD cost?

The following is a price-breakdown (excluding shipping) for one-time purchase offers:

  • 1 bottle: $64.99
  • 3 bottles: $149.99
  • 5 bottles: $199.99

Final Thoughts

When it comes to immune support, essential oil blends have been found to do the trick in a number of studies. This is mainly because of the unique and common properties housed within each extracted plant or ingredient. It seems like the Releaf Drops CBD was created based off of intensive research, as most of its ingredients have been studied in relation to immune health.

That said, the one concern that seems to outshine the benefits is the lack of information on the concentration of each essential oil used. This is crucial, as said extractions may require a certain concentration to make a positive effect in one’s health. Prior to one’s purchase, it would be best to contact customer service to see if said information can be provided.

Finally comes it price factor, which is definitely on a higher scale. While this comes of surprise, the fact that the proprietary blend contains an array of essential oils could justify the price. However, it would be nice to have proof that the supplement has been tested by third-party labs (again, something that needs to be addressed with customer service).

All in all, whether it is an independent representative of The Buddy System Releaf Drops CBD product or the actual company, this style of marketing in using the coronavirus, Dr. Oz, and CBD as a miracle medical breakthrough discovery marketing tactic is not something anyone should be buying given there is absolutely no evidence of being real, factual or truthful.

To learn more about the best CBD oils, make sure to visit our guides today.

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