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ReeFi Capital: Legit Financing For Cannabis Dispensaries And Hemp Real Estate Provider



ReeFi Capital

The cannabis sector is just beginning to grow. This means that even as more entities get into the business, either as growers or as sellers of its many products, there is a growing need for loan facilities and products specifically targeted to the cannabis sector.

The reality of business success is that company growth is often tied to the ease of access to financing options.

When it becomes easier for cannabis dispensaries, growers, farmers and product manufacturers  to access loans, we’ll most likely see an exponential growth in the industry. This is what ReeFi Capital is trying to do.

What Is ReeFi Capital?

This company provides real estate financing and loans for cannabis businesses. This is a sorely needed service/product considering that many banks and financial institutions are currently precluded from providing such services to cannabis based businesses.

The firm provides these loan facilities designed to help new, and established cannabis businesses grow faster. With this product, cannabis companies can just focus on reinvesting their profits in their business while extracting value from their real estate properties.

So, cannabis companies looking to leverage the properties in which they grow and sell their products, will find ReeFi’s services invaluable to their quest.

How ReeFi Capital Financing For Dispensaries And Hemp Real Estate Provider Works

How this works is very simple. Instead of having to go the bank or elsewhere to get financing or loans, you can simply borrow against the value of the property in which you’re conducting your business.

For example, let’s say you need a loan of $200k and your facility is valued at $500k. You can easily approach ReeFi who will then extend the credit based on your property’s current valuation.

This way, you don’t have to talk to the bank or anyone else for that matter. You’ll get your loan approved, do what you need with the money and pay back with interest rates that are compliant with industry standards.

ReeFi Capital Products And Services

Now that you understand ReeFi’s basic business, here are some other products and services they have for cannabis businesses:

Growth Facilities

Let’s say you need a new growing facility for your business, but can’t afford one because the capital isn’t there. ReeFi can provide you with greenhouses and growth facilities where you can grow your plants as needed.

This is great for small startups looking to expand but don’t have the necessary capital. Of course, there are terms and conditions attached to these facilities, but the most important thing is your business keeps growing.

Industrial Facilities

The company can also provide you with facilities designed to specifically handle processing, distribution, warehousing and even growing. Think of this as a one stop shop for all your cannabis processes –from growth to sale-, and a fast track for your business.

Most cannabis startups can’t scale and grow as fast as they want because they don’t have access to these facilities. As a result, their business stagnates and they end up getting stuck in one phase for too long. This service gives you the room to grow really fast and become a major player in the industry.

Dispensaries And Retail

A key component of a successful cannabis operation is having a means of selling their products. Most do this through their dispensaries, which often have in-house experts that will recommend the best products and strains for specific conditions.

Many startups can’t afford this. Which is where ReeFi comes in. They can provide you with access to strip malls, retail chains and even standalone shops and dispensaries where you can sell your cannabis products. These are facilities that banks should be able to provide, but aren’t.

Our Thoughts On ReeFi Capital

Small and medium sized cannabis businesses need loan providers that are invested in their success.

As you may have observed if you’ve tried to obtain loans from banks, traditional banking and financial institutions don’t share the same enthusiasm as you do. For them, marijuana and its many products are uncharted waters.

Your best bet therefore, is to go with a more flexible lending option that still offers you market rates as interest. We think ReeFi’s services fills that need and will help startups and medium sized cannabis businesses grow faster.

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