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New PürCare Oral Mist CBD Sublingual Aerosol by Well Care Brands Launches



New PürCare Oral Mist CBD Sublingual Aerosol by Well Care Brands Launches

Well Care Brands recently announced the launch of a new delivery system. It is the first-ever CBD delivery system to utilize a pre-measured sublingual aerosol to deliver CBD via nano-sized particles. The unique delivery system facilitates faster absorption, and when it comes to bio-availability, this delivery system is eight times faster than all other delivery methods.

Users can enjoy consistent, accurate dosing, and all the effects of cannabinoids, approximately five minutes after using PürCare Oral Mist. Because of the combination of sublingual aerosol delivery and nano-sized particles, more of the product is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.

Despite being the first on the market, users of this CBD delivery system enjoy the more significant value and more reliable results. For instance, a single 1000mg PürCare Oral Mist canister is equivalent to 5000mg of tincture drops.

According to Dr. Michael Mayne, they have worked diligently for the past two years to perfect their formulation and ensure that the medical-grade products they create are accurate, discreet, and safe.

Dr. Michael is one of the individuals responsible for developing the new technology and the former deputy minister of health in Canada. He adds that the product tastes great, and its formulation is optimized to work quickly and effectively.

According to the CEO and founder of Well Care Brands, Greg Zenko, they are excited to provide CBD users with an effective and accurate dosing method. Consumers can be assured, too, knowing that relief is minutes away from use. He adds that this current delivery system is way ahead than the old tincture technology.

That latter allows users to consume the products through swallowing and take five or more products to deliver the same results.

PürCare Oral Mist cost $129.99 for a 1000mg canister. You can purchase one online at or visit select home medical stores.

About Well Care Brands

When Well Care Brands was founded, it focused and diverted its expertise to chiropractic, home medical equipment, physical therapy, mass-market retail, and healthcare.

Their primary focus is to provide support, wellness products, and help others through wellness. Well Care Brand's mission is to provide safe and healthy remedies to the most common ailments such as anxiety, stress, lack of sleep, tension, inflammation, etc.

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