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New Pervida Calm CBD Drink Launches With Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Ingredients



New Pervida Calm CBD Drink Launches With Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Ingredients

The legalization of hemp-based CBD extract has been a major change in the CBD industry for the United States, and multiple companies are seeing out ways that they can bring the benefits of CBD to their customers. Pervida, for example, is launching a new product in their lineup called Pervida Calm, a beverage that is infused with hemp-derived CBD.

The Calm beverage, which presently is offered in Blackberry Papaya with two more flavors to come this year, was announced by Pervida founder and CEO Josep Bassaganya-Riera. Bassaganya-Riera said,

“Calm is designed to promote a sense of relaxation. Our special blend of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients take advantage of the mind-gut connection, and further enhance the health benefits associated with CBD. Pervida functional beverages ensure that your body is getting a full health boost in every can and utilize every opportunity to elevate their health benefits.”

Both retailers and consumers have expressed interest in the sale and use of Pervida Calm, respectively. Part of the reason that retailers are gravitating towards it is due to the full-spectrum industrial hemp oil involved, which has already passed GRAS certification requirements and is regulated within the regulations of the Farm Bill. With these requirements met, retailers have more trust in the product, as they will not be in violation of any policies that would otherwise inhibit their ability to sell it.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a natural chemical compound from the hemp plant that helps to calm various processes in the body, due to the way it activates the endocannabinoid system. The 2018 Farm Bill has ensured that full-spectrum hemp oil is legal, so consumers always need to make sure that the source of their CBD exclusively made with hemp oil. The fact that Pervida Calm passes GRAS certification is a positive move with the FDA’s requirements, considering that no food or beverage can be approved without this accreditation. However, it is important to note that the FDA does not approved CBD products quite yet, as their policies need to be updated to include information from last year’s Farm Bill.

Since there are no chemicals included in this type of beverage that will cause an effect like THC can, there is no age restriction implemented. Though CBD studies have shown the compounds ability to manage stress-response issues in the body, along with epilepsy, users should not consume this drink with the intention of reaping these benefits. Since it is not a treatment, adolescents can consume this drink, understanding that it will not treat these researched conditions.

Consumers will find 12mg of full spectrum hemp oil in each Pervida Calm can and should expect a rather potent effect. This drink is formulated to be safe for vegans, followers of a keto diet, and sufferers of lactose intolerance. There are no calories, sweeteners, or preservatives.

The official website states that Pervida Calm will be available for purchase in the Spring of this year.

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