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Need Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer? Warfighter Hemp Debuts CBD-Infused Formula

As COVID-19 continues to spread, companies around the world are working to help. With millions of dollars donated from celebrities and individual companies, it is clear that the world is filled with good-hearted people who want to stop the spread of this illness. Warfight Hemp has decided to be a part of these efforts with their new CBD-infused hand sanitizer gel and spray.

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Need Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer? Warfighter Hemp Debuts CBD-Infused Formula
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  • Warfighter Hemp uses ethyl as an ingredient in their extraction process for CBD.
  • All purchases of their sanitizing products will result in a donation to employees at the front line of this pandemic.

When the pandemic began, one of the first household essentials that stockpiling consumers went after was hand sanitizer. This wasn’t without good reason, since the Centers for Disease Control recommends keeping hands clean to avoid the spread of germs. Through the best choice is to wash the hands, the use of hand sanitizer is more efficient while at the grocery store or running other errands. In order to help with this effort, Warfighter Hemp has created their own antiseptic hand sanitizer, using CBD.

Following the CDC’s recommendation of at least 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol, Warfighter Hemp’s new sanitizer gel and spray includes both. The company, which is led by a Lt. Col. (ret) Steve Danyluk (USMC) and run by both veterans and non-veterans, launched the hand sanitizer as part of the efforts to fight back against coronavirus. Danyluk was inspired to develop a hand sanitizer within his own company when the media attention on COVID-19 spiked, while the remaining hand sanitizers on the market were either completely bought out or priced unfairly high.

Considering that the extraction process that Warfighter Hemp uses for their process included organic ethyl, Danyluk collaborated with Henry Strazza (the Chief Operating Officer with the company) to use this byproduct. Strazza remarked,

“Knowing that sanitizer is in high demand but limited supply, we quickly worked a plan to offer our CBD sanitizer lotion for those who need it most – our nation’s veterans in the VA Healthcare system.”

The Veteran’s Health Administration (VHA) provides support to over nine million veterans, of which the average age is approximately 58. Considering also that there are many veterans with underlying health issues, veterans fall under two of the demographic groups that are the most susceptible to coronavirus.

Danyluk aims to offer the products of Warfighter Hemp as an option for veterans that are dealing with chronic pain and PTSD in their daily life. However, this effort is clearly not about the profit to be made. He stated,

“By giving this product away for free to veterans, we are definitely taking a financial hit.”

“However, if it prevents the death or severe illness of just one veteran, then it is the right thing for Warfighter Hemp to do.”

Whenever a customer purchases their own Warfighter Hemp Antiseptic Sanitizer (available in a gel or spray), the company will donate a second bottle to the people working on the frontlines against coronavirus – first responders, hospital workers, etc. Anyone who wants to register to receive these donations can fill out the form at: to be eligible. Registration is required to receive donations.

While the sanitizer spray is in a 4-ounce bottle with 400 mg of CBD distillate, the sanitizer gel is in an 8-ounce bottle with 800 mg of CBD distillate. Both formulas include 80% ethyl alcohol, glycerin, water, lavender oil, and hydrogen peroxide. Only the sanitizer gel includes aloe gel as well.

Warfighter Hemp is primarily known for its high-quality CBD products they advertise to veterans as alternatives to painkillers, prescriptions which have been linked to a substantial numbers of veteran suicides.

  • To purchase the 4-ounce CBD Antiseptic Sanitizer Spray, visit:
  • To purchase the 8-ounce CBD Antiseptic Sanitizer Gel, visit:

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