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Nanotechnology and Cannabis: Is Nano-Size CBD Oil Nanoencapsulation the Future?

Jane Summers



Nanotechnology and Cannabis

The future of cannabis may lie with nanotechnology, as it may offer users a better, more efficient, and effective way to take CBD products.

As a preliminary matter, nanotechnology essentially vamps the CBD and THC into nano-sized particles. The nano size essentially works to make the substances more absorbable, they’ll travel quickly throughout the body, and they may be more potent as well. The nano particles are placed in hard-shelled capsules, which can dissolve in water or when they come into contact with the human body.

Nano technology and nanoencapsulation may be able to resolve common issues in the CBD industry, such as issues with dosage, absorption, and inhalation dangers. One company, NanoSphere Health Sciences, has developed a nano technology and its now turning to the CBD industry.

Sutton explains in a Cannabis Tech article that he started looking at the cannabis industry about two years ago. According to the article, the company’s nano technology has resolved common problems with cannabis dosing, such as lack of standardized dosage, delay and variability in onset, and lung damage from inhalation.

One of the company’s most recent products is the Evolve Nanoserum, which is a precise formulation of terpenes and cannabinoids that may be able to mitigate anxiety and pain. The company is testing the formula using human blood studies to ensure improved absorption of cannabinoids. Sutton stated in the article, “We know exactly how much in being delivered.”

NanoSphere Health Sciences is not the only company that is looking at nanotechnology for cannabis products.

Honest Marijuana is developing its own nano-sized cannabinoids for faster bloodstream consumption, according to the Cannabis Business Times.

Serve Chistov, the company’s financial advisor, shared about the nanotechnology that it,

“would allow the creation of very inconspicuous, effective, fast-acting medicine that can be taken by the responsible adult in any shape or form anywhere, without getting their hands dirty and sticky, smelling like cannabis fire and smoke, and without almost any calories as opposed to some of the chocolates and edibles and gummies right now.”

Jane is a regular contributor who learned about the great benefits of CBD a few years ago after starting it herself. Impressed by its effects, she's interested in helping others learn about options that can be helpful for them.

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