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Mike Tyson’s Doctor Examines If CBD Can Relieve Tinnitus Or Hyperacusis Extreme Sound Sensitivity



  • CBD is a helpful remedy to soothe anxiety and stress.
  • Dr. Dennis Colucci of Tyson Ranch believes that CBD could help with the stress associated

Tinnitus is a common condition, as over 50 million Americans suffer from this problem, as they seem to hear constant noise or ringing in their ears. While much of this problem can be blamed on aging, the problem can arise as a result of head and neck injuries, a virus, acoustic shock, vascular diseases, and more. Over time, many people are able to become accustomed to this noise, but others find the discomfort to be overwhelming. As researchers learn more about what CBD can do for the body, is tinnitus one of the conditions it can improve?

Laguna Hills audiologist Dr. Dennis Colucci believes that it can help with relief from the stress and anxiety of tinnitus, but maybe not the actual problem. Dr. Colucci states that the anxiety is often the bigger issue, adding that the most debilitating tinnitus patients often become “so anxious it can actually turn into a psychopathology.” The idea of working to stop the ringing becomes an obsession, ultimately making the condition harder to handle.

Dr. Colucci is an executive with Mike Tyson’s cannabis brand called Tyson Ranch. One subject of interest for Tyson’s businesses is the potential treatment of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) with cannabis. Dr. Colucci fields that the CTE research could potentially lead to treatment of brain injuries and even tinnitus.

Many of the treatment for tinnitus rely on the use of cognitive behavioral therapy, sound and music therapy, and meditation for relaxation. Many medications that treat the same anxiety have been tied to adverse side effects. CBD, considering the few side effects (if any) is poised to be an attractive alternative. At this point, Dr. Colucci is the first scientist that sees potential for CBD with treatment of tinnitus.

With additional research, perhaps CBD could ultimately be used in more ways than what is presently imaginable.

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