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Immune Boost CBD: Herbal Hemp CBD Immune System Booster Protection?

The new Immune Boost CBD oil claims to be a CBD-infused Immune System Defense supplement that supports immunity with the benefits of hemp-derived cannabidiol, but what does the research say about the recently released product.




Unfortunately, since the coronavirus pandemic lockdown began in 2020, herbal hemp cannabidiol-infused extracts with immunity boosting ingredients have flooded the market the past few months and Immune Boost CBD is the latest to do so.

Let's quickly review the new Immune Boost CBD oil and see if the “immune support CBD” or “immune defense supplement” formula is actually realistic or if it is just another hemp-derived cannabidiol product trying to capitalize on the Covid-19 quarantine versus being an established CBD oil provider.

Is the Immune Boost Immune System Protection CBD Oil Worth Buying?

The website selling the Immune Boost Immune System Protection CBD Oil claims this product is formulated with pure CBD, zinc, vitamins B5, B12, C and MCT oil. While all these compounds are very efficient at boosting the immune system, there’s isn’t any proof that the Immune Boost Immune System Protection CBD Oil contains the mentioned ingredients or if it can deliver the health benefits it promises to deliver.

Since the FDA doesn’t check health supplements such as this oil for efficacy and components, it can be difficult to trust that this formula is actually going to work, not to mention it’s always better to use health products on which as many studies as possible have been conducted. There is a mentioning about a third-party study having been conducted on the Immune Boost Immune System Protection CBD Oil, but the results of this study aren’t anywhere provided. Claims of studies can be made by anyone whatsoever. What’s important is that these studies can be easily accessed by those who are interested in buying the advertised product.

Where’s the CBD Immune Boost Certificate of Analysis?

Health products with a certificate of analysis (CoA) are more reliable and can be trusted to do what they promise. Such a certificate is not mentioned anywhere on the CBD Immune Boost page that sells the Immune Boost Immune System Protection CBD Oil. What can be done about this is to contact the CBD Immune Boost product’s supplier through the Contact Us page and ask for the certificate of analysis. The Pure Herbal / Natural Herbal CBD details do show a phone number of 1 (844) 984-2451 for those who wish to inquire more about the ‘immune system boosting CBD' oil.

At the same time, more information about the CBD Pure Herbal company making this CBD oil should be required as well, such as when this company has started its activity and what other health supplements has been making, if it has been making any. There’s nothing wrong with buying from a new manufacturer, but since products that affect health are involved, it’s always better to go with brands that have a good reputation or have proven they develop safe and effective formulas.

Immune Boost CBD 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

What’s good to know about the Immune Boost Immune System Protection CBD Oil is that it’s being sold with a 60-day money back guarantee. This means that in case it doesn’t provide the health benefits it promises to deliver, it can be sent back to the company for a complete refund. This is something that builds up trust and ensures a level of safety. With claims of a third-party study and a 60-day guarantee, it can be said that the Immune Boost Immune System Protection CBD Oil is a legit health product, but not before finding out more about the formula and if the claims made by the website selling it are true.

Leave more comments below about ‘Immune Boost CBD' as this research on the ‘CBD Immune System Defense' product will continue to be updated as more analysis is gathered.

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