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Pure Source Extracts: CBD Company News and Product Review Updates

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Pure Source Extracts: Full Spectrum CBD Oil Gummies, Skincare And Pet Hemp Products

Pure Source Extracts

Pure Source is a company that develops products that target the needs of the endocannabinoid system in animals and humans. The treatments use industrial hemp to get the desired effect.

What Is Pure Source?

Modern science and the health industry have been learning more about the way that cannabis can impact the body. With laws changing around the world, and new countries legalizing it every year, having new products available to consumers is the best way to ensure that business keeps running along. Much of the research has shown that the body has an endocannabinoid system, which is naturally made to accept cannabidiol, or CBD, to balance out the demands of the body. Pure Source is one of the many companies that makes products for this system.

Pure Source Labs is run by a family in Humboldt County, California. Each of the remedies that they put out is evaluated by a third-party lab to ensure that it maintains the same quality through each batch. To collect their CBD extract, they employ a CO2 process, combined with crystal precipitation. The farms that they use for hemp follow the regulations set forth by the State Department of Agriculture and is one of the biggest US distributors for medicinal hemp.

The company makes an important promise to the consumer, saying,

“Our path forward is to partner directly with growers we have established personal relationships with and offer compounded full spectrum extractions from different strains to increase efficacy for targeted health issues and benefits.”

Pure Source Products

The products from Pure Source are divided into a few different categories, showing exactly how far they can spread their CBD treatments. Primarily, the treatments appear to be divided into:

  • CBD Oil
  • Pet CBD
  • Edibles and capsules
  • Topical CBD
  • Beauty

All orders over $50 come with free shipping. Read on below to learn about some of the best-selling products that Pure Source presently offers.

Pure Soothe CBD With Emu Oil Pain Rub

The pain rub is one of the topical treatments that consumers can use. This formula, listed for $31.99, comes in a 1-ounce jar, offering 60mg plus 10% CBD. Consumers apply the remedy by rubbing it into the area that is inflamed on an as-needed basis. The website does not appear to limit it at all, and all seven reviews on the website show a 100% satisfaction rate so far.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

The full spectrum CBD oil is available in multiple strengths, though this option is the purest of all the remedies. Consumers should take the remedy sublingually, allowing the mouth to absorb the treatment and for the digestive system to take care of the rest. The benefits include providing balance for the endocannabinoid system by reducing inflammation, headaches, chronic pain among others, which are indicators of imbalance in the system. Right now, the lowest dose appears to contain 250 mg per bottle, starting at $34.99. However, based on the online shop, it looks like the most popular concentration is 500mg for $69.99.

Pure Source Artisan Vegan CBD Gummies

There is no harm in enjoying the taste of CBD, which is what the CBD gummies allow consumers to do. With these gummies, consumers will only need a single dose a day to get the wellness benefits that CBD provides. Each of the gummies comes with 25mg of CBD, and consumers can get an 8-pack of the gummies for $29.99.

CBD Apple Stem Cell Anti-Aging Face Cream

Along with the benefits that CBD affords consumers with their pain and anxiety, this company has managed to add CBD into a face cream that can help consumers look years younger. This skin treatment, available for $54.99, nourishes the complexion, as CBD works as an antioxidant. Combined with the power of avocado oil and apple stem cells, the treatment supposedly “encourages the regeneration of new skin cells, which stimulates the production of new tissue (collagen) in the skin.”

CBD Collagen & Retinol Face Cream

Much like the skin cream for anti-aging, this treatment allegedly improves the skin’s brightness, reduces the size of its pores, and can reverse the damage that UV rays have caused. The formula combined CBD with retinol, and “powerful peptides.” Available for $59.99, this remedy should only be used on clean skin, but limited to no more than 3-4 times a day. Some users add in a moisturizer for particularly dry skin.

CBD Infused Tattoo Aftercare

The tattoo aftercare treatment provides the support of both CBD and apple stem cells to encourage skin cells to regrow in the same way the anti-aging treatment does. However, this treatment is specifically designed to “protect your fresh tattoo while keeping pre-existing ones bold and bright.” The website says that it is best to consult with the user’s tattoo artist to determine how and when to apply to the new tattoo. However, it is also meant on current tattoos that have healed a long time ago. The treatment is available for $29.99.

CBD Pets

For your pets, there are drops, pet treats, pet combo that contains drops and treats and finally a shampoo after your pets’ hearts. sometimes pets experience separation anxiety, the drops will set them at ease. If suffering from pain and arthritis, it is reduced and appetite may be stimulated where it was lacking. The shampoo is not only for removing dirt but also solves fur and skin problems for your pet!

Contacting Pure Source

Considering the sensitive nature of using CBD products on both humans and animals, there may end up being a need to get a hold of the customer service team. There is no direct email address, but consumers can fill in the online form for electronic correspondence.

To contact the company by phone, call +44-203-746-04 84.

Pure Source Extracts Summary

Pure Source offers something for almost any occasion. So far, very few (if any) companies offer a CBD-based therapeutic treatment for consumers healing from a fresh tattoo. Additionally, the use of CBD for anxious animals is still a relatively new concept, making this brand an innovator of the industry. With their organic industry hemp extracts available, consumers can nourish their body from the inside out with CBD.

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