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Best CBD Dog Treats for 2019: How to Find the Top Cannabidiol-Infused Edibles for Dogs



Best CBD Dog Treats for 2019: How to Find the Top Cannabidiol-Infused Edibles for Dogs

Are you looking for the best CBD dog treats and cookies? If yes, this article will show you the CBD edibles we consider as the best. Man’s best friend also deserves to enjoy the benefits of CBD. So, here goes.

Best CBD Dog Treats for 2019

HolistaPet – Organic CBD Dog Treats

This is an organic non-GMO CBD treat for dogs made by a leading CBD edibles company. The edibles are 100 percent natural and are of great quality. Holista is a leading company in the CBD confectionery space, and ensure that all their products are top notch.

Their CBD edibles are often rich in seeds like flaxseed or hemp seed. The former is great for a healthy coat and skin, while the latter provides the much needed omega fatty acids and proteins that your beloved pet dearly needs.

The range of products from HolistaPet are targeted at different health conditions, and are as follows:

  • Pumpkin Spice & Cinnamon –this works to aid and improve joint flexibility and mobility in your dog
  • Blueberry & Sweet Potato –this works to boost your dog’s immune system, as well as, improve heart health, and prevent allergies.
  • Green Apple & Peanut Butter –this is great for anxiety and stress relief

All of these products have adequate amounts of CBD and provide variety for your dog. While you could choose just one, we think your dog deserves the best. So, get all three so they can truly enjoy a variety of treats that’ll make them healthier and stronger.

Honest Paws – Peanut Butter Flavored Dog Treats

The CBD dog treats produced by Honest Paws are top quality. This is probably why dog owners and their pets love the treats a lot. These treats contain full spectrum hemp oil, MCT oil, peanut butter and organic eggs.

This is basically a super-healthy snack for your best friend. They’re great for anxiety relief. This is probably why you should give it to them right before the next road trip, or when they’re going to be at home alone.

And if your dogs don’t care for peanut butter, Honest Paws offers other flavors that your dog can enjoy. And, the treats come in different CBD concentrations. This guarantees that your dog will get the best dosage necessary to relieve their anxiety.

We’re sure you’ll always find something solid for your dog(s) from this company. You cannot go wrong with this CBD-infused dog treat if you’re looking for something great for them.

King Kanine – King Kalm Krunch Pet Treats

This is another favorite for dog owners who like giving their dogs CBD-infused dog treats. These cookies are usually rich in CBD, omega-3 rich oils, vitamins and others ingredients.

They also come in Honey Oats, Blueberry, and Apple and Cinnamon flavors. These contain full spectrum hemp oils, which ensures that your dog gets all the benefits of CBD, terpenes and phytocannabinoids.

The “entourage effect” works really well in this brand of dog treats. These treats are designed in a way that your dog will get the optimum dosage needed for it to get the relief and nutrition needed.

This quality alone, separates it from the herd of CBD dog treats in the market.

HempMy Pet – Organic CBD Dog Biscuits

These dog treats are manufactured by industry leading pioneers HempMy Pet. These dog treats have been around for a long time. The treats are infused with hemp oil extracted from the best hemp grown in Colorado.

Which means they’re tested in the lab, 100 percent organic, non-GMO and have no artificial additives or ingredients. This is as natural as it gets in this industry.

Its full spectrum hemp oil ensures that your dog gets the best possible results from taking it. The treats come in 2mg and 5mg packs. The latter for bigger dogs and the former for smaller dogs.

They’re tasty, fiber rich, and well-liked by dog owners who have used them provide relief for anxiety, stress, seizures and arthritis in dogs.

And the best part about these treats is they can be eaten by humans. So, if you ever need to assure your dog that it’s safe, you can pop one in your mouth while it’s watching. Good for getting them to trust the treats.

What to Look for in CBD Labeled Dog Treats

If you’re unsatisfied with our choices and would prefer to do your own research, the first thing you need to know is how to identify the best CBD dog treats.

And to do that, you need to know what to look for in any dog CBD edibles. So, let’s check out the various types of CBD oils. This will help you make an informed decision on the best CBD dog treat for your favorite pet.

CBD Isolate

This is 100 percent CBD. Nothing else here. This is the most concentrated form of CBD oil in the market, and is usually very pure.

This works great and delivers excellent result for relieving all symptoms and conditions associated with the compound. When your dogs take this, they’ll only be benefiting from just the effects of CBD. Nothing more.

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

This usually contains CBD, terpenes, phytocannabinoids, and in some instances, <0.3 percent of THC. This is often considered as more potent and better than CBD isolates.

This is because of the “entourage effect”, where those other compounds help the increase the effectiveness of CBD. This means the oils was extracted from the flowers, buds, stems and other parts of the plant.

You can’t go wrong with this. The only downside is dog treats with full spectrum hemp oils tend to be much more expensive than those with CBD oil.

Choosing the best one for your dog depends on its needs and what you hope to attain. Most people looking to help their dogs live a pain-free and less stressful life, tend to get them treats and edibles containing full spectrum hemp oil.

Those looking to just keep them calm and relaxed tend to choose CBD isolates. At the end of the day, the choice is yours.

Jeanne Dininni knows the wisdom of the writing industry and has locked arms with us to continue discovering and uncovering all things CBD and hemp. TOC welcomes her work as being humorous and entertaining on top of informative and authoritative.

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