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The Cannabis Investor’s Masterclass: Danny Brody Launches New Education Program

The Cannabis Investor’s Masterclass by Danny Brody launches as a new presentation and program to help investment opportunity seekers cash-in on three big deals happening soon.




The Cannabis Investor’s Masterclass is a program that teaches consumers how to choose the right cannabis companies to invest in. Similiar to the Cannabis Conspiracy, To access the masterclass, investors will need to subscribe to a year-long membership of the creator, which includes multiple guides and customer service support to promote greater success.

What is the Cannabis Investor’s Masterclass?

With the ongoing efforts to legalize cannabis, it should come as no surprise that there are many Americans that are hoping to get rich from the changes. The market is presently worth billions of dollars and growing, even though there are many states that have yet to legalize it. With a boom expected ahead, consumers may be interested in securing part of this lucrative industry for themselves.

With the Cannabis Investor’s Masterclass, consumers will learn how to invest in these stocks and brands with the help of Danny Brody. The creators allege that the cannabis industry brings forth approximately two dozen new millionaires on a monthly basis, and this type of revenue can only be secured by getting involved early. In fact, they add that there’s presently no other industry that has an opportunity like this one.

Danny Brody, the creator of this program, founded one of the first cannabis venture capital firms, and he just closed a funding round worth $36 million for an otherwise small CBD company. He’s helped numerous investors to create billions of dollars of wealth separately, but his process isn’t quite as complicated as investors might believe. In fact, the host of the advertising video for Brody’s program explains that the individual only has to go through three steps to make this possible.

Brody explains to watchers of the program that everyone wants to know how to start, but the process isn’t hard. Investors don’t need to actually know anything about cannabis, or even how to be a professional-grade investor. Plus, the investor doesn’t need to drop a ton of money to get big returns. Instead, Brody states that the only things that the investor needs is to know how to target the right stocks, which he aims to teach them.

The Three Principles of Investing in Cannabis

As explained above, Brody centers his techniques around “three simple principles” that allow anyone to choose the right cannabis stocks. Those principles are:

  • “The company needs to have a powerful product.”
  • “The company needs to be scalable.”
  • “The company needs to be dynamic.”

The key to growth in a cannabis company is to meet these three principles, which can be difficult for an investor to identify without some guidance. Luckily, that’s what Brody intends to provide, and enrolling in his program will help consumers to learn about three major opportunities that he’s seen that meet these criteria with relatively low costs per share.

He’s applied these strategies to investing in Emblem Corp., The Green Organic Dutchman, and Plus Products, Inc. With these investments, the investors that Brody referred managed to make at least 10x the amount of money that they previously had invested. Brody’s goal is to bring fortune to new consumers and engaging in these methods is the best way to do so.

Getting Access to Cannabis Investment Tips

In order to get everything that this program has to offer, consumers will need to read a guide created by Brody called “Green Chip” Prospectus. This guide teaches consumers about each of the companies recommend, including their business plan and revenue projections. They also need to watch the included Masterclass series and read through Brody’s other guide – The Cannabis Quick-Start Guide – to avoid losing out on these investment opportunities.

The only way to get these materials are to become a member of the National Institute for Cannabis Investors. While the total value of the provided materials is over $800, consumers will only have to pay $39 today to get started. To upgrade their membership to a two-year contract, the total cost is $79, despite being valued at nearly $1,500.

If the consumer finds that this program isn’t right for them, they can relinquish access to the materials and request a refund within the initial 60 days after purchase.

Contacting the Creators of the Masterclass

If consumers have other questions about this program, they can speak with the customer service team for the National Institute for Cannabis Investors by calling 866-298-7257 or 443-380-2078.


This Cannabis Investor's Masterclass series by Danny Brody and National Institute for Cannabis Investors is meant for any consumer that wants to make a ton of money towards retirement but doesn’t know where to begin. The program is easy to follow and offers tons of interactive information that can help the newest of investors. However, consumers will need a subscription to get involved, which is incredibly affordable.

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