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Cann Cannabis-Infused Social Tonic Drink with THC and CBD Ingredients Now Available



Cann Cannabis-Infused Social Tonic Drink with THC and CBD Ingredients Now Available

Have you ever heard of a social tonic? If not, you aren’t the only one, but let’s see if we can arrive to some understanding. A tonic is deemed a liquid medicine that is typically taken to make one feel better.

So, where does the socializing aspect come into play? Cann seems to clarify this notion by introducing the Cannabis-Infused Social Tonic. Here’s an overview of Cann’s viewpoint on pain or discomfort and how said factors are resolved.

What is Cann Cannabis-Infused Social Tonic Drink?

Cann’s Cannabis-Infused Social Tonic is a beverage that makes one feel good. One’s ability to socialize, as the name implies, comes from the cannabis infusion, which includes both THC (psychoactive cannabis compound) and CBD (non-psychoactive cannabis compound).

Cann Cannabis-Infused Social Tonic Drink Flavors

Cann comes in three flavors: Lemon Lavender, Blood Orange Cardamom, and Grapefruit Rosemary. Right off the bat, one might be thinking, what, there’s more plants involved? Ingredients including lavender, cardamom and rosemary all carry health benefits worth mentioning.

For instance, lavender has been highly associated with improved sleep, while relieving one of anxiety, depression and pain. Then we have cardamom, which typically deals with one’s digestive system. Finally, rosemary, like the former, can improve one’s digestive health, while trying to induce brain health.

Why Drink Cann Cannabis-Infused Social Tonic Drink?

Every Cann is expected to help consumers overcome hangovers, while stimulating the social butterfly within one. The beverage contains both 2mg of THC and 4mg CBD. Given the low dosage of THC, it is deemed suitable for a social setting, as consumers can drink more than one (bearing tolerance in mind) and still enjoy one another’s company.

Lastly, the flavor profiles witnessed here include additional plant-based ingredients and this is normally preferred due to the added benefits that arise. To learn more about Cann, click here.

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