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Molson Coors Debuts New CBD Beverages as Alcohol Alternative



Molson Coors Debuts New CBD Beverages as Alcohol Alternative

Molson Colors has announced the release of a brand-new US line of non-alcoholic, hemp-based CBD beverages. These beverages are made using the patent-pending nanoemulsion technology by Quicksilver Scientific. Moreover, the new mood-boosting alcohol alternatives are made by Truss CBD, the collaborative venture between HEXO Cannabis and Molson Coors.

Dr. Christopher Shade, Quicksilver Scientific, founder, and CEO tells NutritionInsight that they customized their Nanoemulsion delivery to optimize Veryvell’s cannabis solubility. As the developers of the Truss Canada cannabis products, Quicksilver Scientific capitalized on making the products highly absorbable, ensuring the cannabinoid absorption, offset, and uptake from your body system mirrors alcohol consumption experience.

Those taking Veryvell cannabis products are sure to experience effects within the same duration and timing as they would experience if they consumed alcohol.

The alcohol and CBD beverages segments are quite crowded, making it a challenge to tell between different companies. In both cases, the products’ functional properties and the cultural space of the company make the difference. Quicksilver Scientific boasts of having a solid functionality, which distinctively differentiates them from the rest.

Build On a Collaborative History

Quicksilver and Veryvell’s relationship began sometime in 2018 after the two CBD giants entered a partnership to create a Canadian products line. Veryvell is about penetrating the US market with its CBD beverage alcohol alternative products. The product roll-out has begun in Colorado, the United States’ most popular and one of the earliest states to adopt cannabis in a regulated infrastructure.

The brand sees the launch as a great milestone that would see Molson Coors gain more market share in the non-alcoholic segment.

Statistical analysis by Innova Market Insights data has confirmed an increase in low/no alcohol F&B launches. The percentage shoot from 2016 to 2020 was estimated at 21%.

Harnessing Nanoemulsion

CBD is naturally water-insoluble, which has posed great challenges to CBD companies trying to add it into their beverages. According to Shade, Quicksilver has, over the last decade, been developing a high-end nanoemulsion technology.

The technology condenses Nano-sized CBD particles into water-soluble scopes that can be instantly incorporated into beverages. Minuscule in nature, these CBD particles can easily move through cells to directly flow into the bloodstream, ensuring fast absorption and instant effect.

Quicksilver Scientific nanoemulsion technology is applicable in other water-insoluble herbal compounds, vitamins, and nutraceuticals.

Shade says the products made using this new technology can be used for energy, immunity, and metabolic health. It’s a sophisticated technology that does more than help in creating fancier vitamin water. It’s centered on creating the most effective products ever by maximizing the compounds and content of the ingredients delivered in each product.

Overcoming Sensory Challenges

CBD particles by Quicksilver have microscopic sizes, which give them superior appearance transparency. That allows for the creation of products that don’t feature the cloudy and hazy appearances common with other emulsions used in cannabis beverages today.

Naturally, CBD has an intrinsic bitterness. Knowing fully well that could affect the product’s reception, Shade ensured that the flavor profiles they used weren’t overwhelmed by such bitter tastes. Quicksilver invested enough money and time to boost the natural tastes of CBD by adding earthy flavors without totally overwhelming the bitterness.

Together with his team, Shade made sure they created stability in the beverages matrix. They ensured that the emulsion wouldn’t plate out onto the container walls, sieving all the active ingredients to make users drink water with low CBD content.

It Targets Three Core Benefits

Veryvell comes in three core formulations, each of which delivers each of the outlined below benefits:

  • Unwind: it packs lavender and blueberry flavors coupled with L-Theanine and ashwagandha.
  • Focus: it packs tarragon and grapefruit coupled with guarana and ginseng.
  • Body and mind: contains hibiscus and strawberry coupled with elderberry and ashwagandha.

Shade has said before the sprout out of COVID-19, many United States customers were experiencing work-related and financial stress.

There is so much that people can’t control in their life. But our mood is certainly not one of them. Almost every Health and Wellness Company is working harder to introduce tools and products that could help consumers control their moods. That’s quite an attractive notion considering the so many things we have no power to control.

Shade says after the pandemic hit, the need to control mood got ignited, and with so many things that felt out of control, there was a real need to introduce a product or tool that could make that realizable.

According to Innova Market Insights, named “Mood: The Next Occasion,” featuring 2021’s top trends, a market research report confirmed that around 44% of consumers worldwide have been working hard to see their emotional and mental well-being improve.

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