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Hexo and Molson’s Truss Beverage Co Debuts 5 New Cannabis Drinks



Hexo and Molson's Truss Beverage Co Debuts 5 New Cannabis Drinks

Thanks to Truss, a joint venture backed by Hexo Corp and Molson Coors, many Canadians who are thirsty for new ways of mellowing out can try a new range of cannabis drinks. Truss Beverage Co. is a venture of the Quebec-based beer producer and maker Molson Coors, collaborating with Hexo Corp. The five new beverages rolled out by Truss on Tuesday target new and more experienced marijuana consumers alike. Here’s what the CEO of Truss, Scott Cooper, had to say about these drinks in a statement:

“We’re thrilled to be introducing Canadians to new beverage options. This well-rounded portfolio is designed to bring adult Canadian products that taste great and provide the consistent experience they need to enjoy responsibly.”

Truss Thinks New Cannabis Consumers Will Increase Beverage Sales

This new series of products from Truss will be an addition to the increasing number of cannabis drinks that Canadian weed firms introduced this year. While these beverages aren’t yet surrounded by too much hype, Truss hopes its new drinks will attract first-time cannabis consumers, something that will boost the company’s sales.

In 2019, Truss made the projection that drinks would make up for 20 to 30% of the Canadian cannabis market and have the joint venture as a leader in the segment. This projection is way ahead of the current sales of beverages in the US, where the total of legal revenues makes up for about 1%.

New Products’ Consistency and Taste Set to Win Canadians Over

Truss is backed by Molson’s 150 years of experience with beverages. It believes that the new THC and CBD drinks have the consistency and taste that can win Canadians over. Most of these beverages have 2.5 to 5 mg THC, which are being labeled as low and medium doses. There’s also the XMG drink with the tropical fruit and mango-pineapple flavors containing 10 mg THC, which is the maximum THC amount allowed by Health Canada for edibles.

Truss’s brand, Veryvell, focuses on wellness and CBD. It makes cannabis extract drops and has already been on the market for some time, so Truss is highly experienced as far as marketing cannabis products go. According to a statement released by the company, some of the new beverages have already started selling in New Brunswick, Quebec, and Ontario, only to continue rolling out for the next few months.

The Beverage Portfolio is Based on Consumer Input

Furthermore, Truss says that every stage of the beverage portfolio development had consumer input. As per a survey, the company has funded says, around 43% of experienced cannabis consumers in Canada had tried a weed drink before, just because they wanted to avoid smoking.

Another 74% of the surveyed people said they’re not too eager to consume marijuana in social settings because the plant has a strong smell. 76% said they wouldn’t even think of consuming cannabis because dosage control makes them feel uncomfortable.

Is Truss a Healthier and Cleaner Option?

According to Truss, their beverages are a cleaner and healthier option that provides controlled offset and onset delivery times of cannabinoids’ effects. The official Truss website says the drinks’ onset can happen within 15 minutes and have effects that last for as much as 12 hours. Truss also mentioned it’s working on breaking down cannabis extracts to be turned into tiny drops that are water-soluble and get more efficiently absorbed by the body. Lori Hatcher, the Marketing Chief for Truss, commented that:

“At Truss, we’ve built our brands by listening to consumers, so it was important for us to hear directly from Canadians about what they’re looking for from their cannabis consumption experience. This data shows just how ready Canadians are for a new cannabis experience that better fits their preferences and lifestyles. Quite frankly, it shows how game-changing cannabis beverages can be for consumers.”

Jane is a regular contributor who learned about the great benefits of CBD a few years ago after starting it herself. Impressed by its effects, she's interested in helping others learn about options that can be helpful for them.

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