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CaliVolve: Luxury Dark Belgian Chocolate Truffles With THC And CBD Edibles Brand




CaliVolve is a company that develops edible cannabis treats in the form of chocolate and other confections. Consumers can shop online, though these products are also available for recreational consumption in California dispensaries as well.

What Is CaliVolve?

Cannabis is still a highly controversial substance, even though there are many states legalizing it. Whether it is the stereotype of laziness or just a lack of information, many companies are starting to create options for consumers that make cannabis less of a taboo topic. Not every brand is focused on bringing different strains or different potencies. Some, like CaliVolve, want to take cannabis from illicit to indulgent.

CaliVolve, founded and launched by Lilly Cabral and My Thai, focuses on the development of their own “luxury cannabis marketplace,” which brings unique products to the industry with many health benefits. The partners are both first-generation Americans and mothers who started in the finance world, helping them to create a healthy business within CaliVolve. They aim to make cannabis “as socially acceptable as a glass of wine,” which led them to the food market.

The company was only created in 2017, following the legalization of recreational cannabis in California the year before, offering truffles that have multiple layers of indulgence. The quality of these treats is impressive enough to earn them a place at many high-end luxury retailers, predominantly in the LA area. On the website, they post a simple invitation – “Discover the magic with us.”

CBD Versus THC

Before even making a selection from the company’s product line, consumers need to understand the difference between CBD and THC. THC is the substance that more people are aware of, because it causes the psychoactive effect that has become a staple of marijuana. It offers therapeutic benefits, and is good for soothing pain, relaxation, insomnia, stress, and even a loss of appetite. CBD, however, has no psychoactive effect, but it still includes all of the benefits.

While these two chemical compounds are part of the same main plant, they are actually two different species. CBD primarily comes from hemp, while THC comes from marijuana. The two are closely related, and CBD can still contain trace amounts of THC, even with filtering it out. In states where cannabis has not been entirely legalized, users should make sure that their CBD extracts have less than 0.03% THC to pass a drug test.

CaliVolve Products

Each of the products is centered around the concept of luxury and class. Just as easily as someone can pour a glass of Chardonnay, the creators want to make sure consumers are just as comfortable and relaxed with their delicious truffles.

To purchase these products, consumers will be able to visit a local dispensary in California. Presently, the following locations are featured on the website:

  • Cornerstone Collective (Los Angeles)
  • Erba Collective (Los Angeles)
  • Green Door West (delivery service online)
  • Medicine of the Angels (Los Angeles)
  • Patients and Caregivers (North Hollywood)
  • MedMen (multiple locations in Los Angeles)

Read on below to learn about the different treats available through CaliVolve.

CBD Truffles

The CBD truffles are made with dark Belgian chocolate and contain exclusively vegan ingredients with no gluten either. Dark chocolate is known for its antioxidizing benefits and is a healthy ingredient for the cardiovascular system as well.

Each of the truffles has 20mg of full spectrum hemp in each serving, using American hemp. The sugar content and solubility make it easy for the body to absorb, allowing it to act quickly to get the desired effect. For consumers that do not want the full dose, the company has already scored the chocolates to make it easier for consumers to micro-dose on their own.

The truffle options include cherry, mint, and match. Along with the natural extracts involved, the formula also includes ashwagandha, maca root, and other lab-tested ingredients.

Considering the legal issues surrounding THC, the only chocolates available to purchase from the online store are the CBD truffles. They come in a package that includes a total of 80mg of CBD, and each variety is available for $30.00. Consumers can use a promo code “TASTEITALL” to get a discount on their purchase.

THC Truffles

The THC truffles are also made with dark Belgian chocolate, and all of the included cannabis comes from Humboldt County, California. The THC involved is sativa, and the collaborators only include 10mg per truffle, which makes it easy for consumers to test out their tolerance before they indulge in more of these decadent sweets.

Like the CBD truffles, consumers have the choice of cherry, mint, and matcha. However, no extra ingredients are listed on this section of the website.

Contacting CaliVolve

With the many options available to consumers, there may be some questions about the remedies to ensure that they are taken correctly, or there could be questions about the brand in particular. Regardless of the reason, the customer service team can be reached with either a phone call or an email with the contact information below.

  • Phone number: 318-988-0830
  • Email address:

CaliVolve Summary

CaliVolve offers a different way of using CBD and THC, turning it into a delectable experience, rather than just a product to reach the desired effect. They believe that every step of the process should be enjoyable, and the formulation of the truffles make that goal an easy one to reach.

To become a distributor for CaliVolve, use the contact information above to get in touch. Consumers can also stay up to date on new developments by subscribing to the newsletter.

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