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SteepFuze: CBD Infused Hemp Coffee Beverages And Gourmet Herbal Teas




Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the major cannabinoids extracted from the cannabis plant. It can be extracted from stalks, leaves, and flowers of industrial hemp using the CO2 extraction process. CBD is useful in making a number of products ranging from tinctures, gummies, salves, creams, balms, cookies, teas, and coffee. All these are formulated with the intention of giving the user relief from pain, inflammation, aches, stress, anxiety, and emotional instability, just to list a few.

With the many CBD brands though, taking your time and evaluating products a company is offering is imperative. One factor to consider is where their hemp is grown. Go for products whose hemp is derived from certified farms that grow non-GMO hemp organically. They should be free of heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides. A good CBD products company will also be transparent on the amount of hemp contained in each product, and make lab test results accessible to every buyer.

Of the many hemp product options in the market, one that stands out is SteepFuze CBD Infused Coffee. Today, we will review SteepFuze and their proprietary coffee

A Brief History Of SteepFuze

SteepFuze came to birth in 2014 as Devin Jamroz found CBD useful in self-medicating his herniating discs caused by a snowboarding accident. About the same time, the US farm bill of 2014 was enacted, allowing state-by-state hemp cultivation licensing. Devin experimented his own tinctures and discovered that although the CBD tinctures were incredibly good at offering pain relief, their taste was disgusting.

He thus resolved to be taking the unpleasant tincture shot, followed by an immediate cup of his porch-roasted coffee.

To cut a long story short, the idea of infusing CBD oil into freshly roasted coffee came to place, and SteepFuze CBD infused coffee was born.

Today, Devin Jamroz has partnered with Gerry Leary, the founder of The Unseen Bean (a favorite Boulder coffee spot) to process quality CBD coffee that preserves all crucial terpenes and phytonutrients for maximum dietary and therapeutic benefits.

SteepFuze also makes infused CBD tea for people who are not coffee drinkers and sells extracted capsules with high CBD concentrations

FSteepFuze CBD Infused Coffee Features

The CBD used to make SteepFuze CBD Infused Coffee is sourced from farms that organically grow hemp, and CO2 extracted in certified plants. The product is pesticide free, herbicide free, and fully organic.

CBD is infused into freshly roasted coffee beans through a patent methodology that took two years of experimentation to derive. The process entails directly infusing CBD to coffee bean’s naturally occurring oils produced during the roasting process. The addition of CBD eases many of coffee’s common adverse side effects.

SteepFuze CBD Infused Coffees are independently tested by third-party laboratories to ensure that the cannabinoid is potent and to see to it that lowest THC amounts are achieved so as to fall well with federal and Colorado regulations regarding THC amount and concentrations. With this, SteepFuze CBD Infused Coffee does not offer any form of intoxication associated with cannabis, and neither will it make you fail a cannabis drug test. Customers can get SteepFuze CBD Infused Coffee lab test results upon request.

Being compliant with the Federal law, SteepFuze CBD Infused Coffee can be served in any hotel, café, wellness store, and spas in the 50 states.

SteepFuze CBD Infused Coffee Benefits

Made of whole plant full spectrum CBD, SteepFuze CBD Infused Coffee comes with omega 3 & 6. These are beneficial in relieving anxiety, offering inflammation relief, promoting cardiovascular health, and brain development. It also comes with essential phytonutrients and terpenes for an all-in-one health remedy.

This coffee calms pain, inflammation, anxiety, stress, and nausea. SteepFuze CBD Infused Coffee can also be taken to improve energy levels and heighten moods.

How To Use SteepFuze

This coffee is claimed to last longer, and users can easily incorporate it into their daily routine. SteepFuze CBD Infused Coffee is meant to be brewed normally as other household coffees. However, a hot brew is recommended as compared to a cold one for immediate relief and maximum CBD absorption into the body.

The suggested coffee to water ratio is 1gr: 16gr. The cup resulting from this is neither too strong nor weak. A standard 225gm or 8 oz comes with 14 grams of coffee or about two tablespoons.

SteepFuze Conclusion

Made by the world’s first, top coffee roaster and an advocate of legal, US grown hemp, SteepFuze CBD Infused Coffee qualifies to be one of the best hemp coffees in the United States. We went through a considerable number of customer reviews and testimonials, only to find an almost insignificant number of users who found SteepFuze CBD Infused Coffee not good enough. SteepFuze is transparent on its formulation process to make users easily relate with the brand. Most importantly, SteepFuze coffee has a history. Since you can access lab test results any time, it is easy to trust the safety and quality of SteepFuze Coffee.

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