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Cannabis Beauty Defined: Kannaway’s Cannabidiol-Rich Anti-Aging Skincare Products



Cannabis Beauty Defined

Kannaway Defined is a skincare line that allows consumers to reduce the appearance of aging with the use of cannabidiol, or CBD. The products are directly available from the official website for Kannaway.

What Is Kannaway Defined Skincare?

When the conversation turns to cannabidiol (CBD), most consumers think of tinctures and ways that they can consume the product to soothe pain and to ease anxiety. While the health industry is still researching everything that cannabis can do, the skincare industry is examining the effect that this extract can have in the complexion. For that reason, Kannaway has announced the launch of their “Cannabis Beauty Defined” CBD hemp oil skincare line.

The Defined Skincare products is designed to help consumers deal with the aging effects that happen over time. The skin is the biggest organ on the body, so Kannaway supports the healing of wrinkles and fine lines with cannabis-based treatments, but with many of the ingredients that consumers trust to already nourish their complexion. The goal of this brand is to eliminate toxins that can absorb into the skin with exposure to the environment and even unhealthy beauty products.

Kannaway believes that the best approach to healthy skin is with a multi-step system, so this skincare line covers all of those steps. Between the CBD hemp oil and the Bi-Bong herbal blend, consumers can have faith in the Kannaway approach.

Available Products through Kannaway Defined

The products in the Kannaway cannabis skincare line take care of the skin from the inside and the outside. There are several remedies, which are all crucial to their multi-step system. Right now, the skincare line offers:


The capsules contain 4mg of CBD, offering essential vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids as well. Consumers will need to eat a healthy diet, reducing the unhealthy fats and sugars to improve the complexion in the process. The capsules will reduce the toxins in the user’s body at the same time, ensuring that nothing within the body inhibits the clear and youthful skin that they are aiming for.

Exfoliant And Cleanser

The exfoliant and cleanser is the first line of external defense, gentle washing away the different contaminants and dirt that can soak in during the day. These particles clog the pores and give it the sullen and exhausted appearance that can increase how old the consumer looks. By reducing the excess of dirt and oil, consumers get softer skin and their pores can soak in the nourishment of the other products in the skincare line. The remedy can be used about 3-4 times weekly.

Toner And Serum

The toner and serum follow the use of the cleanser treatment, though most people do not remember to include this product in their regimen. When applied, it adds protection to the complexion to reduce how severely free radicals can damage it. Basically, it provides a deeper clean and only requires a cotton ball to apply it to the entire face.


The moisturizer completes the typical routine, as it reintroduces the balance of hydration in the skin. As consumers get older, the lack of collagen in the complexion makes it hard for the skin to retain the same moisture, which is why so many people over age 50 struggle with dryness. This moisturizer can be used on the check, neck, and face to create the firm yet elastic effect that the skin has in the user’s younger years. Dragon’s blood and similar ingredients pair with CBD and other natural moisturizers to give the softness that consumers want with their skin.

Detox Soak

Skincare does not end with the face, which is why Kannaway developed the Detox Soak. This soak cleanses the skin while it protects it from the damage that the environment brings in. Containing 25 all-natural organic botanical ingredients, along with the hemp oil, consumers can expect toxins to be pulled from the skin as the user relaxes in their bath. Though there is no required amount of water involved, consumers just need to add four ounces of the soak to their bath while the water is still filling the tub to get the effect. After the bath is over, pat the skin dry to soak in any residual ingredients.


The salve is not meant primarily for the anti-aging effects, though it does help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Instead, it is used on an as-needed basis for older skin to soothe tight and inflamed muscles that can cause them pain. Arthritis is common, and the deep relief offered by this product is perfect for arthritic flares on any part of the body, apart from the face.

Buying Kannaway Defined Products

When consumers decide to purchase the Kannaway skincare products, the best way is to go through the official website. Since the treatments are made with CBD hemp oil, and not CBD from marijuana, consumers should be able to legally buy it in all states. Consumers will need to enter their state before being taken to the official shop.

Presently, if the user wants to purchase all of the products in a bundle, they can get it for $79. However, the only product excluded is the capsules.

Contacting Kannaway

With how new this skincare line is, consumers may find themselves with questions that they want to discuss before making a purchase or to clarify on the website. Consumers can fill out the online form on the official contact page, or consumers can use the phone number or email address available as well.

  • Phone number: 866-447-6670
  • Email address:

The team is available on weekdays from 9:00am to 5:00pm PST.

Cannabis Beauty Defined Summary

Kannaway’s Defined skincare line ensures that consumers get the nourishing benefits of CBD, while also supporting the complexion in a way that gently erases wrinkles. The formulas are easy to apply and will not provide any psychoactive effect. However, the puffiness that consumers experience with older skin will be treated, as CBD is a known anti-inflammatory remedy.

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