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5LINX Oxzgen: THC-Free Hemp Derived CBD Oil Tinctures and Cannabidiol Skincare




Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of hundreds of cannabinoids that are derived from the cannabis plant. As it makes up nearly 40 percent of the entire plant, a lot of prominence has been placed on its uses and how consumers can better their overall health. The purpose of this review to introduce a new line of CBD products that consumers can consider among numerous found within its respective market and it none other than 5LINX’s Oxzgen.

Like most CBD brands, Oxzgen appears to carry different forms of CBD-infusions including tinctures, sprays, creams, capsules and pet essentials. To what factor(s) set Oxzgen apart from its competitors, the following will further explore its reason for being, the approach taken to fulfill one’s CBD needs and much more.

What Is 5LINX?

For starters, 5LINX’s reason for existence is one of the factors that sets itself apart from its competition. How so? As per the claims made, 5LINX is the pure definition of what is meant by a database, that is, they’ve created a one-stop shopping place in which a wide range of services can be fulfilled. Their ultimate goal isn’t to simply excel in one specific area of business, but rather a combination of wellness essentials, financial services and home-related products.

What Makes 5LINX Oxzgen Different?

At large, what makes 5LINX’s line of CBD Essentials, Oxzgen, different is the “holistic approach” the team has taken that maximizes one’s mind, body and soul. Based on existing claims, Oxzgen is a THC-free line of hemp-derived CBD products that also contains essential vitamins, minerals and healthy fats to provide a complete body remedy.

Basically, Oxzgen has been designed with the intentions of enhancing one’s energy levels, memory, skin and immune systems and ridding the body of any possible pain. To see what contributes to said benefits, let’s take a closer look at the different types of products found under Oxzgen.

5LINX Oxzgen Products


Oxzgen’s tincture supposedly comprises a combination of CBD, MCT (or Medium Chain Triglycerides) Coconut oil, Peppermint Oil and Stevia. It has been created for oral ingestion and is said to offer full body relief from physical pains, and mental discomfort to the very human bodily systems that yearn for essential nutrients. The lowest concentration per 30ml bottle is 250mg of CBD, which comes out to approximately 7.14mg per serving. Other CBD strength levels offered include 500, 1000, and 1500mg per a 30ml purchase.

Daily Nutrition Sprays

The Daily Nutritional Sprays is the next factor that makes 5LINX and their offerings of Oxzgen worth considering. Instead of creating one type of spray that aids in relieving many health aspects, different types of sprays for different problems have been crafted.

For instance, “Oxzgen Weight Loss,” as the name implies is a spray devoted to helping consumers lose weight. In addition to the incorporation of 200mg CBD per bottle, garcinia cambogia – a fruit known to suppress one’s hunger and burn fat – as well as MCT coconut oil have been included. Other sprays one can choose from includes the anti-stress, energy boost, sleep support, and pain relief.

Moisturizing And Pain Creams

Oxzgen’s moisturizers have been tailored to meet the needs of aging skin types, namely, premature-aging skin types. Said skin types are lacking in moisture, which eventually lead to worse skin-related symptoms due to the presence of free-radicals. The moisturizer, which claims to contain a significant source of retinol, collagen and CBD, aims to moisturize the skin, while gradually reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles to name a few.

The key difference between the moisturizing and pain creams, is the former contains components that help build the skin’s defence mechanism, whereas the latter additional eases body pain.

Oxzgen’s “Therapeutic Rub” has been described as a triple action solution that eases one’s joint and muscles, especially for athletes. The rub itself claims to contain 150mg of CBD along with ingredients like Emu oil, and Arnica, which are known for their anti-inflammatory properties.

The analysis above is a sample of what Oxzgen has to offer, as other lines including its capsules and pet essentials are also offered!

5LINX Oxzgen Final Thoughts

By looking at 5LINX’s Oxzgen line alone, it is clear that consumers have yet another CBD option to consider. What makes their solutions distinctive is that some offer a complete-body healing, whereas others target, build-on and optimize different health aspects.

Moreover, instead of focusing merely on the benefits of CBD, other ingredients known to help a specific problem has also been included. This is important because of two reasons, first, research on the use of CBD is only starting to expand, therefore solely focusing on CBD is not ideal and second, the additional, naturally-derived ingredients can potentially bring immediate relief, which is preferred for the most part.

As for its overall affordability, the prices appear to reasonable considering the concentration of CBD and supplementary ingredients seen. One area that Oxzgen could have focused on is detailing the exact source of CBD used, as guidelines regarding its growth and extraction vary from country to country. However, it looks like said information can be gathered via 5LINX themselves, which can be done for reassurance purposes. For more information, check out:

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