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Zenna CBD: Full Spectrum CBD Oils, Soft Gels, Topical Creams And Gummies



Zenna CBD

When you’re in the market for CBD products, it’s always better to choose the full spectrum CBD products instead of the broad spectrum or isolate spectrum.

This is because full spectrum CBD products offer you all the benefits of the important compounds in the hemp plant. While there are many products that lay claim to producing full spectrum CBD products, only few truly do. One of those is Zenna CBD.

Their products not only contain significant amounts of CBD, they also contain over 113 cannabinoids, thus making them particularly potent and capable of delivering amazing health benefits to you.

What Is Zenna CBD

Based in Cape Coral, Florida, Zenna CBD provides excellent CBD products designed to help alleviate health conditions like anxiety, osteoporosis, pain and inflammation, depression and insomnia to mention a few.

Their products are full spectrum CBD products extracted using supercritical CO2 extraction methods. The company also claims that doctors routinely recommend the use of their products to patients who need a natural alternative or complementary option to regular prescription meds.

More importantly, their products contain very minimal amounts of THC –usually less than 0.3 percent- and is usually 3rd party tested to ascertain the quality.

Zenna CBD Products

The company has quite a few products, all of them fully optimized to deliver the best results to you. Let’s take a quick look at some of these products:

Zenna CBD Oils

These are CBD rich oils with full CBD profile and capable of providing relief for a number of conditions. These are hemp extracts containing mixed with hemp or MCT oil.

Optimal usage is by placing a few drops under the tongue –sublingually- so that it gets absorbed into the blood directly. This is a faster way to enjoy the benefits of CBD oil.

The company currently offers this in three concentrations -300mg, 600mg and 1200mg, priced at $45.90, $69.90 and $97.90 respectively. These can be easily ordered from their website and delivered using discreet packaging.

Zenna Soft Gels

This is a better option for people who don’t like the earthy flavor of the oils. The soft gels help you get your daily dosage of CBD oil without having to deal with the taste. There are usually 30 soft gels, each containing 600mg of CBD in the bottle.

Thus, one bottle should last for 30 days. As usual, this contains full spectrum CBD designed to help you get the most benefits. The only downside is that the soft gels take longer to be absorbed into the blood. So, you might have to wait a while to start feeling the effects. A bottle of 30 costs just $69.

Zenna CBD Gummies

If you really don’t like the taste of CBD oils and would prefer a sweeter, more pleasant way to get your daily dose of CBD, these gummy bears are an awesome option for you. They provide a delicious way to enjoy your CBD benefits.

These are essentially gummy bears infused with 300mg of CBD oil. Tastes great, but takes a bit longer to feel the effects, seeing as it has to go through the digestive tract first. These come prepackaged in a bottle and goes for $45.90.

Zenna CBD Topical Cream

Also referred to as pain cream, this combines known pain relief compounds and CBD oil to provide you with a potent pain relief option that can be applied directly to the skin.

This is fast acting and great for those who just need a CBD pain relief cream that can be used externally. It contains 150mg of CBD per bottle and should be generously applied to the problem areas for quick relief. Costs $45.90.

Zenna CBD Conclusion

The best CBD oils, salves, gummies and soft gels are often those containing full spectrum CBD. With all their cannabinoids present, all of them work together to deliver the results you need by attacking to your body’s endocannabinoid system.

On that basis therefore, Zenna CBD’s products can be quite potent if their claims are completely true. Their insistence on a third party testing lab for testing their products’ quality, indicates their commitment to quality.

For you the user, this means that you can confidently use their products and get great results, without suffering any side effects whatsoever. CBD oils are great and can improve your quality of life, without any of the side effects of prescribed drugs. So, use them and enjoy the benefits.

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