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Mad Hatter CBD Coffee And Tea: Healthy Cannabidiol Infused Beverage Drinks



Mad Hatter CBD Coffee And Tea

Most people get their CBD or THC fix from smoking, vaping, taking raw hemp oil tinctures –an unpleasant experience for some folks, and topical applications. While these aren’t necessarily a bad thing, there are folks who would love even more alternatives to these common methods.

Thankfully, there are CBD and THC rich beverages in the form of teas, coffees, soft drinks and even water. One of the companies providing people with these alternative means of taking CBD and THC is The Mad Hatter Coffee and Tea Company. As you can see from their name, they specialize in coffee and teas.

Mad Hatter Coffee And Tea Products

If you’re looking for CBD and THC Infused Coffee and Tea, this is the company to check out. They provide world class beverages containing your favorite hemp compounds. This way you can get all the benefits of these compounds without necessarily smoking or vaping.

They provide cannabis infused tea, coffee, chai, mushrooms and even “mocktails” –‘M’ from Mad Hatter, replaces the first ‘C’ in cocktail. They have an extensive product line that provides you with ample options to choose from. This is the perfect cannabis beverage haven for those that have been looking for it.

Their cannabis infused beverage line includes the following:

  • Cannabis Infused Coffee and Mocha Blends
  • Caffeinated and Sativan Coffee Blends
  • Cannabis Infused Tea Blends
  • Caffeinated and Sativan Tea
  • Cannabis Infused Chai Blends
  • Herbal and Indican Chai Tea
  • Herbal and Indican Mushroom Elixir
  • VarieTea Caffeinated and Sativan Active Blends
  • VarieTea Herbal and Indican Relaxing Blends
  • Variety Caffeinated and Sativan Coffee Active Blends
  • Variety Decaffeinated and Indican Coffee Relaxing Blends
  • VarieTea Mushroom Elixir Caffeinated/Sativan and Herbal/Indican Mixed Blends
  • “V” Virgin Cannabis Infused Mocktails
  • CBD Infused Third Eye Chai

While they do have other beverages, these are the ones that contain CBD, THC and other cannabidiols. All these blends have specific products and flavors for them. So, you’ll have to really check out their site to get the best ones for you.

Mad Hatter CBD Coffee And Tea Benefits

These are usually the best of both worlds for people who favor specific drinks and their CBD or THC compounds. With these drinks, taking your CBD supplements becomes incredibly easy.

When the products are correctly prepared, users will get great all the benefits of CBD and THC. Even better, CBD infused tea and coffee drinks can be taken anywhere, without worrying about people’s perceptions.

This is because they tend to look like your regular tea and coffee in a sachet. So, if you value discretion while enjoying your favorite brew, then this is a good alternative.

The drinks can also be delicious. Users have commented that the drinks are tasty and a pleasure to drink. In fact, there are those who say that it’s the only way they can get their daily dose of CDB. It also provides an alternative to other regular ways of ingesting CBD and THC.

Most people are used to smoking, vaping, oil tinctures placed sublingually, and capsules swallowed. These can quickly become tiresome. More importantly, people start forgetting to take their CBD.

With these drinks, there’s no forgetting. The entire experience is pleasurable. No one forgets to take their coffee or tea every day. It’s a daily ritual that’s habitual. So, for most people who take it, it’s like just having their regular drinks in the morning, only this time, there’s the added benefits that CBD and THC bring.

Mad Hatter CBD Coffee And Tea Conclusion

This brings us to the most important question: do these compounds work when taken in teas and coffees? This is the problem. There’s no definitive answer for this seeing as there are few testimonials about the potency and results experienced by taking the drinks.

Most people are actually concerned about heat breaking down these compounds. These are valid concerns considering that the CBD and THC oils are often extracted with CO2. Which means that there’s often the application of cold.

However, heat doesn’t affect the potency of either CBD or THC. This is evidenced from smoking and vaping their parent plant –cannabis. These require some degree of heat to get them into the body.

The same goes for adding hemp to food and cooking them. If heat was a major problem, then people wouldn’t be smoking, vaping or cooking with them. At the end of the day therefore, it all comes down to the concentration and potency of the strains added to the drinks. So, if you’re concerned, just order a one and see how it works.

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