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Vertical Wellness Acquires Tech-Holdings Patented Technology for Hemp and CBD Delivery



Vertical Wellness Acquires Tech-Holdings Patented Technology for Hemp and CBD Delivery

Vertical Wellness is a renowned leader in the hemp cannabinoid health and wellness industry. It recently purchased the Tech-Holdings' assets for an estimated amount of up to $5 million to 10 million dollars in debt.

According to the CEO and chairman of Vertical Wellness, Smoke Wallin, Tech- Holdings has managed to accomplish what other brands in the industry can only imagine. Steven Trenk, Ed Abel, and Tony Alfiere are the people behind the success of Tech-Holdings.

The team at Tech- Holdings have invented a new way to deliver cannabinoid ingredients. As a result, the elements become more productive and acts on medical ailments faster and within minutes. Smoke Wallin believes:

The team at Tech-Holdings, led by Steven Trenk, Tony Alfiere, and Ed Abel have accomplished what few in the industry have even thought of doing –they invented and patented novel ways of delivering cannabinoid ingredients that make them more effective and faster acting for medical ailments and conditions, within minutes, not hours.  This is a game-changer and will help us differentiate our brands from the rest of the market that mostly has no or limited science to their formulations. I welcome them to our growing team.”

Steven reveals that they had talks with other key players in the hemp and cannabis industry before deciding to join Vertical Wellness. According to him, smoke's vision to use cannabinoid ingredients to promote General health and help relieve pain, anxiety, and insomnia resonated with theirs.

This combination enables Vertical Wellness to provide its consumers with unique, fast-acting, and high-quality products. Additionally, the newly acquired patented technology will help the firm build stronger relationships with some of its world-class partners, such as Kathy Ireland.

Building these relationships is only possible by creating products that will perform well in wellness, beauty, and health sectors.

Kathy Ireland says that she is looking forward to the launch of the new products. She is one of the top women's health advocates in America and a board member of Vertical Wellness Advisory.

“We are very much looking forward to launching our CBD Hemp brands with Vertical Wellness,” says Kathy Ireland, Chair, CEO and Chief Designer of kiWW®, and Vertical Wellness Advisory Board member who is named among the top ten women's health advocates in America, according to UCLA.

“We are committed to bringing our customers the most cutting-edge and highest quality products, and incorporating Tech-Holdings patented technology into our products helps to differentiate them in the market truly.”

According to her, Vertical Wellness is committed to producing high quality and cutting- edge products. It will be easy to differentiate their products after incorporating Tech-Holdings technology.

The Gold Q and AntiDos are the first topical products to be released. They include topicals and lotions for relieving pain and inflammation, around the clock eye care, and facial treatments.

About Vertical Wellness

Vertical Wellness is an industry leader when it comes to consumer-focused health and Wellness. It uses Hemp cannabinoids to solve specific health conditions. The primary mission of vertical Wellness is to provide consumers with quality, innovative, and effective CBD products.

Some of VWEL's initial brands include Wingra Farms, Hemp-Moji, Halogenix, Par5, Lap Dog, Neutral, and much more.

Vertical Wellness is located in Kentucky and California. According to reports, it is one of the leading processors of Hemp in the world.

About Tech- Holdings

Tech- Holdings uses technology to carry out researches and develop cannabinoid. Their technology makes CBD products more effective and quicker to act. The main advantage of products that use patent technology is the rapid diffusion of molecules into the bloodstream.

Another advantage is that absorption is efficient. Most products in the market limit absorption and diffusion. It, therefore, becomes difficult for cannabinoids to penetrate the epithelium or the upper GI tract.

When cannabinoids first pass the liver from processing, they lose their effectiveness. Tech-Holding technology promotes rapid diffusion into the bloodstream and across the epithelium. The technology facilitates the production of cannabinoid powders that can easily mix with water.

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