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VegX HempEx Activator Oil: Research VX HempX CBD with Micro Emulsion Hemp



VegX HempEx Activator Oil
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The HempEx Activator Oil by VegX Research is an ingestible supplement that has been “enriched with cannabidiol (CBD)” to help consumers improve wellness with less pain and anxiety daily. Due to the liquid form, it absorbs quickly into the digestive system, promising to last throughout the day.

What is the VegX Hemp Activator Oil?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been leery of validating claims about what CBD can do through in the last few years, only approving it for use in an epilepsy drug called Epidiolex. However, that hasn’t stopped other companies around the world from creating CBD remedies that they claim to work in the same way. Unfortunately, regulatory delays have allowed a few bad actors, requiring customers to be more vigilant about the products they buy. Let’s take a look at VegX Hemp Activator Oil.

VegX Hemp Activator Oil advertises itself as a “premium CBD oil formula,” using 270 mg of CBD in each 30-day supply of the bottle. Much like any CBD product on the market right now, the benefits are relatively similar, relieving stress and anxiety as it eases pain. The company also boasts how the VX HempX Activator Oil can reduce inflammation, improve sleep, and enhance focus, and it is easy to consume with the dropper lid.

To make all of these benefits possible, the company explains that they have full-spectrum oil, but only mention CBD by name in the website’s reviews and on a small blurb at the bottom of the page to explain what CBD is. The formula itself is not pure CBD oil but is instead “enriched” with CBD. The remedy is not psychoactive.

Buying the VX HempX Activator Oil

Consumers that are willing to try the VegX CBD Hemp Activator Oil must do so with the offered trial, as no direct purchases are available online. The user pays $6.95 for shipping, and the company will provide one bottle or 30-day supply of VegX CBD Hemp Activator Oil, but there’s a catch – the bottle is only free for the first two weeks of use.

After two weeks, the user will be charged for their VX HempX Activator Oil supply, which costs $92.95 typically. Plus, with no warning before the user checks out their online shopping cart, every person that completes the trial will be enrolled in the company auto-ship program that charges the full price. Per the official website, “At the conclusion of the trial period, you will be billed the full purchase price of $92.95 (USD) and enrolled in the monthly replenishment program” each month for a new bottle.

Final Thoughts

VegX CBD Hemp Activator Oil could be a helpful formula for consumers looking to beat their discomfort and insomnia, but there are a few concerning factors. First, the trial isn’t fully explained to consumers, which means that many people will be surprised when the charges continue, and the shipments keep coming in. Plus, users aren’t provided with any lab tests or Certificates of Analysis to show what is in the formula, which wouldn’t be so worrisome if the website was more specific about CBD’s presence. All in all, it may be that VegX CBD Hemp Activator Oil, is a decent CBD product.

Still, consumers should contact the company and ask pertinent questions on the CBD product before purchasing, the company can be reached by- Contact Customer Care at 1-866.682.1508 for additional questions regarding the VegX CBD Hemp Activator Oil. For customers who have ordered the free trial, but now wish to cancel, the company recommends all cancellations be made two (2) days before the next billing date by calling 1-866.682.1508 or by sending the request to

On the chance that anyone wants to see what VX HempX Activator Oil can do for themselves, the company warns that limited supplies are available.

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