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CannaLeafz CBD: Trustworthy Full Spectrum Pure Hemp Oil?




Much like many other CBD oils on the market, CannaLeafz CBD Oil promises to deliver chronic pain relief, to reduce anxiety and stress, also to promote a night of healthier sleep, and to improve overall health.

About CannaLeafz CBD

While CBD is capable of delivering health benefits, it's not necessarily true that CannaLeafz Oil can provide them. Seeing as though the formula doesn't appear to have been third-party tested, nor does it list links to a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) on the official website.

CBD is indeed a very popular ingredient when it comes to promoting overall health, and the CannaLeafz CBD Oils does indeed contain 100 mg of this ingredient, which is more than enough for a healthy lifestyle, but doubt around the potency of this formula should still exist.

Why Is the CoA So Important?

Health supplements need to come with a CoA because certifications confirm the product contains the sourced plants, and the amounts of the ingredients used to match what the product label states and can deliver the health benefits being advertised to deliver.

When a website that presents and sells the CannaLeafz CBD Oil or any CBD oil product, doesn't mention their CoA, more ore questions about this certification should be asked via the Contact Us form of the product's website. Still, it's very likely the people who will answer the email inquiry will be evasive with their answer. If this happens, it is better to go with another CBD oil that does have a CoA.

How Long Has CannaLeafz Been on the Market?

CannaLeafz is a relatively new company on the market, so it would be wise to know more about its product before buying its products. This is because those who are behind the CannaLeafz CBD Oil may, in the past, have developed other health supplements that didn't work.

It's essential to buy and consume health products from companies with a good reputation. Yet, there's nothing wrong with deciding on manufacturers that don't have too much experience in the field either. However, it's better to find out if the company that makes the supplement about being bought has failed in the past when trying to deliver its costumers the promised health benefits.

Not FDA Approved

Since the CannaLeafz CBD Oil falls under the category of health supplements, it doesn't need to be checked or approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), so it's even more difficult to trust. Relying only on reviews left by previous customers of the product isn't advised, as these reviews can be fake and made by someone hired to come up with them.

Besides, the oil is advertised as the leading CBD formula in the US, something everybody knows is not at all true, seeing that CannaLeafz is a brand no one has heard anything about before the launch of the CannaLeafz CBD Oil. While the health benefits of CBD are highlighted on the website that sells and advertises the CannaLeafz CBD Oils, this information is available in any other places online, too, not to mention it doesn't make this formula more efficient. In other words, buying the CannaLeafz CBD Oil before not knowing more about it wouldn't be a safe bet.

Contacting CannaLeafz CBD

While there are a lot of sketchy CBD companies in the space that try and get people to order without giving up their contact information, it does appear that this company has shared both phone and email address for customers to contact about product or order enquires on their official website. That's a good sign.

  • Phone: Toll-Free in the US –  1 (833) 266-0453
  • Email:
  • Customer Service Hours: 8 am to 8 pm EST daily

Buying CannaLeafz CBD

CannaLeafz is available for purchase through a free-trial program. The way these auto-ship/auto-billing programs work, is you pay $4.95 for the shipping and then if you are satisfied with the order and do not return it within 14 days, you will be charged the full amount of $89.95 and then will be charged the same monthly until you contact the company to cancel.

This is a widely accepted business model in the supplement industry. Some look down upon this model, but as long as you understand the risks (not canceling), then it isn't any different than paying for the full price. If you want to learn more, you can visit the official website, here.

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