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UPSY CBD Wellness Launches Organic CBD Hemp Oil Products

New CBD ventures pop up all the time, so why would a pandemic change anything? While much of the world’s economies are still working to find a place for their businesses, UPSY decided to launch a CBD product brand that offers oral and topical formulas.

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UPSY CBD Wellness Launches Organic CBD Hemp Oil Products
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  • The new UPSY CBD product line offers three products initially, while one product will come later.
  • UPSY offers a 25% discount for signing up to get a subscription.

CBD has been considered to be a remedy for just about anything the body could potentially face, although there is still a lot of research that needs to be done. With companies everywhere looking for ways to get involved and offer their own product lines with new formulas for everyone.

According to reports from Bevnet, UPSY is one of the latest companies to offer a new product line, which features CBD from USA-based hemp.

Even though THC remains illegal in many states, the use of UPSY’s products has allowed consumers to experience the non-psychoactive benefits that CBD can provide. While UPSY is transparent about its products, not every brand maintains the same practices, and this type of inconsistency has led to many problems industry-wide. Luckily, UPSY has continually made an effort to create formulas that are reliable and effective. Alex Guarino, the founder and president for UPSY, remarked:

“We’re excited to introduce UPSY Wellness at a time when consumers crave consistency and transparency.” Guarino added that their line of products is centered around “the power of an everyday routine—and our goal is to help people feel better by leveraging honest, quality CBD products.”

In this new product line, UPSY offers three different types of formulas, including beverages, tinctures, and topical formulas. Each one can be used on its own, but consumers that want to get a more powerful effect can use them all simultaneously. Starting at $49 each, its range of products include:

  • Align
  • Lift
  • Soothe

Align is, unlike the others, a CBD beverage, and it's used to help with the mood and reducing anxiety. The formula has a lemon flavor, and the inclusion of turmeric could be helpful with inflammation.

Lift takes a different turn, improving the way that the mind can focus during times of physical exhaustion and mental stimulation. Like Align, Lift comes with a lemon taste, though it also includes caffeine and theanine.

Soothe is a topical formula, reducing pain as it cools and relaxes the muscles. It can reduce inflammation and soreness in the muscles, while the child-safe applicator allows users to roll it onto the skin directly. Along with CBD, Soothe includes menthol for the cooling sensation.

Though it isn’t available quite yet, consumers will soon be able to buy Unwind as well. Unwind will focus on keeping the user relaxed and ushering in a good night of sleep. All of the formulas will have a 25% discount for anyone that wants to sign up for a subscription, allowing them to get the formula each month without the need to submit a new order.

UPSY doesn’t solely focus on the sale of CBD products, as it provides consumers with education about CBD use as well. Still, UPSY also maintains its credibility with full transparency about every item they make, complete with lab reports. None of the formulas contain any type of THC, which means that users get to focus on the benefits.

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