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Uber Life CBD: Broad Spectrum CBD Oils, Gummies and Topicals

Charnell Lock



Uber Life CBD
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Uber Life is a company that provides consumers with their CBD products, following the launch of their eCommerce website in 2017.

All of these products follow the guidelines outlined in the 2018 Farm Bill. The bill states that “removed hemp as a Schedule I substance and reclassifies it as an “agricultural commodity.” If CBD is derived from hemp (that adheres to the regulations outlined in the Farm Bill) that contains less than 0.3% THC (the substance that makes one “high”) it is removed as a Schedule I substance and is legal at the Federal level. Also, recent changes in State legislation make hemp-derived CBD products legal in some 48 states.”

What is Uber Life?

The legal status of CBD across the country created massive opportunities for consumers in the United States, and many companies have launched their products to serve the public. The Food and Drug Administration has been slow to establish specific regulatory requirements, leaving the industry susceptible to bad actors. As a way to help consumers, Uber Life has introduced its product line with full transparency.

The focus of this brand is to preserve the transparency of its products while pushing for the rest of the industry to do the same. Every product that contains CBD at Uber Life sources it from certified USDA organic crops from Colorado, which are put through a US-based manufacturing process, with testing by an independent third-party lab. Every ingredient, whether it is active or non-active, has disclosed product testing results online, and every product comes with free shipping. Uber Life also states its CBD products are Non-GMO, No pesticides, herbicides, solvents or chemical fertilizers are ever used.

Products by Uber Life

Uber Life offers four different types of remedies – oils, capsules, gummies, and topicals.

The CBD oil is likely to be the most natural product for consumers, and the easiest to handle since users can choose their doses. Uber Life offers a natural tincture with two strengths (250mg for $49.95 and 500mg for $59.95).

For people that don’t like the taste of CBD oil, Uber Life’s bottle of CBD capsules ($49.95 for 30 10mg capsules) provides the same benefits.

The gummies ($39.95 for 30 gummies) offer users an even greater improvement on flavor without sacrificing the 10mg dose of CBD for each serving.

The only topical formula that is offered by Uber Life is the muscle cream ($39.95 for a one-ounce jar). This formula can be applied directly to the skin whenever the user feels sore or in pain. This treatment isn’t a substitute for medical attention, but it can help with the usual aches and pains of physically exhaustive activities.

Frequently Asked Questions: Uber Life, CBD, and More

Q: Will CBD cause intoxication?

A: Not at all. While THC can cause this effect, CBD won’t result in feeling “high,” because no more than trace amounts of THC – 0.3% – can legally be included in any CBD extract.

Q: Will users of CBD test positive for cannabis use in a drug test?

A: While Uber Life follows the rules of the Farm Bill, trace amounts of THC may end up showing up on some type of drug screening. Still, users should keep in mind that CBD is, in fact, legal.

Q: How are full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate CBD different?

A: These are the three most popular versions of CBD. A full-spectrum extract has the whole hemp plant, while a broad spectrum goes through a little more testing to separate the THC from the rest of the plant. CBD isolate offers the purest form of CBD, pulling the CBD from the plant where it is separated from terpenes and essential oils.

Q: How long do Uber Life products take to arrive?

A: With the use of the USPS XParcel Expedited, the selected product should be delivered within about four days of purchase.

Q: Does the Uber Life company ship to all US states?

A: Per the official website, “Unfortunately, under existing laws, we are not allowed to ship to Idaho, Wyoming, or South Dakota at this time.”

To contact the company, customers can reach them in a number of ways,

M-F 7 AM-5 PM MST- USA Phone Number: (587) 487-3643 EU Phone Number: +442031295118


Write the company: 2825 Breckenridge Blvd, Ste 170
Duluth, GA 30096
United States of America

EU office:1613823 Alberta LTD

Uber Life Final Thoughts

Uber Life provides users with CBD products that should work best for their lifestyle, available in several different forms to fit their needs. With a heavy focus on the importance of third-party testing, every product features the lab report that applies to their formula on each product page. The company offers helpful information about CBD in general, and the usage of each one is relatively easy to follow.

Any other questions about Uber Life can be directed to the customer service team via email to

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