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Trévo SYNC: Water-Soluble Active Phytocannabinoid Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil



Trévo SYNC

SYNC by Trévo is a supplement that consumers can use to get CBD support, allowing it to be mixed into meals, drinks, or taken directly. The formula features two different flavors, depending on which one the user wants to try out.

What Is Trévo SYNC

CBD products are rising in popularity and availability, in an attempt to meet the needs and desires of the public. Every company is trying to find some sort of niche that they can zero in on, but the quality and the concentration are both important factors as well. Everything from the company’s values to the actual products results impact the decision. That is why SYNC by Trévo is so dedicated to those missions.

SYNC is called a “homeostasis-centric product” on the website, featuring organic ingredients. The definition of homeostasis, as written on the website, is “[t]he tendency of the body to seek and maintain a condition of balance or equilibrium within its internal environment, even when faced with external changes.” Essentially, the company created SYNC with the ability to maintain a balance in the body that can only be done with a nourished endocannabinoid system.

Consumers have the option of either an all-natural vanilla or orange flavor, complementing the CBD hemp oil. The company uses full spectrum hemp, providing a 500 mg concentration of the oil within each of the flavors. By taking the SYNC remedy, consumers may have an easier timing managing:

  • Moods and disposition
  • Anxiety
  • Memory and focus
  • Pain
  • Sleeplessness
  • Joint health
  • Muscle soreness and health

Unlike other brands that source their hemp products from a large farm that can be responsible for a substantial number of products, the manufacturer of the crops specifically grows a particular crop for SYNC. All of the crops are harvested, mixed, and bottled by hand, which means consumers get to benefit from the particular nature of this brand.

Though there is still some debate over the legality of CBD, based on its sources, SYNC complies fully with the regulations of the Farm Bill of 2018. Right now, though it is available and legal in most states, consumers in Idaho, South Dakota, Nebraska, and West Virginia cannot purchase it right now. Despite cannabinoid-rich hemp oil being legal, the use of CBD in the advertising of this product is not.

What is Trévo?

Trévo, on its own, comes from 174 ingredients for a “quick, delicious and easy way to restore, renew and revive your bodies.” The company is founded upon the “7 empowering principles” to keep their company moving along smoothly. All products are made in accordance with these principles, ever since CEO Mark A. Stevens created the brand. There is not much details on these principles, but they do name nine core values that all of their employees and processes abide by –

  1. Persistence
  2. Consistence
  3. Giving
  4. Fun
  5. Embrace
  6. Passion
  7. Together
  8. Innovation
  9. Integrity

Along with the work towards their products, Trévo focuses their attention on the community as well, as they contribute a portion of their revenue towards helping the homeless and the parentless. Presently, the company publicly supports Jasper House in Haiti.

The Science Behind Trévo SYNC

As stated above, the formula involved in SYNC is made with full-spectrum hemp oil, but what is that? Many companies choose this type of oil, which includes all of the terpenes and cannabinoids that give it the powerful effect. While some consumers are concerned with the potential for a psychoactive effect when they use a cannabis-based product, they will not find that in SYNC. Instead, this product has no THC, since it comes from organic hemp, rather than the marijuana plant.

Cannabis plants are still being researched to this day, but scientists have found that they can remedy a wealth of issues within the body, from pain to anxiety or depression and more. However, unlike the medications that normally handle these issues, all of the ingredients found in SYNC are natural and easy for the body to accept.

The last aspect that SYNC alters is the absorbability of the oil. Everyone knows that oil and water cannot mix, and if they cannot be absorbed, there is no point to take the product anyway. To remedy this issue, they modify the formula in a way that is water soluble, making it possible to consume the CBD hemp oil directly or to mix it into foods without changing their consistency. With the use of proprietary technology, the formula is molecularly water, which means the GI system can absorb it into the bloodstream without difficulty.

Purchasing Trévo SYNC

To purchase SYNC by Trévo, consumers need to visit the official website, where it is available for $120.00. One bottle is enough to account for 30 servings, though the company recommends taking up to two servings daily to get the desired wellness benefits.

In order to purchase the product, the user has to input their location information to verify that the product is legal to purchase where they live.

Contacting The Creators Of SYNC

Even with all of the information available online, consumers may still have questions about SYNC, Trévo, or other details concerning their purchase. The customer service team provides a fill-in form on the website for users to send their message to the team, though they can also be reached with the phone number or email address below.

  • Phone number: 877-942-3255
  • Email address:

Trévo SYNC Summary

SYNC by Trévo offers a healthy, organic, and water-soluble solution for consumers that want to start using hemp oil to support their wellness. Along with the other products on the website, the creators are committed to quality, which is why nearly the entire process is performed by hand. Consumers that still have concerns about SYNC by Trévo can view the test results of the third-party testing of their remedies to ensure that they get exactly what they expect.

If the potential user presently has a prescription medication assigned to them, it is in their best interest to speak with a doctor before the use of any hemp or CBD product.

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