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Tommy Chong CBD: Chong’s Hemp CBD Oil Good Vibes Protocol



Tommy Chong CBD: Chong's Hemp CBD Oil Good Vibes Protocol
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Tommy Chong CBD is a type of Nano CBD oil that is used sublingually to promote the best absorption of this plant-based compound into the bloodstream. With ingredients like taurine and GABA added to the mix, the effect is substantially more powerful and bioavailable than a traditional CBD product.

What is Tommy Chong CBD?

Tommy Chong is 82 years young, and he has done a lot with his lengthy career. The Canadian American is most broadly known for his co-writing and performances on Cheech and Chong, of which he collaborated with Cheech Marin. However, from that popularity, the comedian has consistently been a significant supporter (and consumer) of cannabis, which has landed him in a little trouble with the law.

When he initially stopped using cannabis, he saw his health take a dire turn. He experienced pain in his joints in a way that he had never gone through before, and he noticed that his energy levels dropped significantly. Getting up constantly to use the bathroom didn’t help with his sleep either, and he eventually was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He started using an all-natural way of dealing with it (i.e., hemp), leading him back to the energy and pain-free life he’d been enjoying for so long.

However, this man has continued to be unbreakable. After already surviving through one type of cancer, he was diagnosed with colorectal cancer three years later, using the drug through both bouts of cancer to handle the treatments, despite altogether quitting the use of it for years prior. With all of his medicinal and recreational usage, anyone that has never seen Cheech & Chong (or even That 70s Show) probably still knows him as one of the most infamous stoners around. Who better to trust for the launch of a hemp brand?

Tommy sees his brand, Tommy Chong CBD, as a natural solution for wellness, as there are no side effects even associated with it at this point. With his use of the brand, he experienced a better mood, better sleep, and even better focus and memory. While all of these benefits are directly associated with CBD, Tommy Chong CBD sets itself apart. Tommy shows viewers of the online advertisement how they can tell if their CBD is no longer effective with a 20-minute process.

Even individuals without any health issues can significantly improve their health with the consistent use of hemp. Most people might think that achy joints and no energy are just typical changes that come with age. However, it doesn’t have to be the case. While the formulas he makes are meant for individuals of all ages, Tommy recognizes that many people aren’t able to get the benefits of CBD, and he even addresses those concerns.

What’s in Tommy Chong CBD?

The most straightforward answer to what Tommy Chong CBD includes is that it is CBD at its finest, using a compound called Nano CBD. With a processing technology known as the Nano Solution, the CBD oil is fused with water in a suspension that keeps the particles spaced out enough to absorb into the bloodstream for the maximum performance easily. While Nano CBD alone is impressively effective, it is not the only ingredient used to make this product.

Taurine, which is frequently included in energy drinks, is a significant trigger for the production of dopamine. The reason that it has been added to Tommy Chong CBD is due to the way that it affects the mitochondria of every cell, supercharging energy, and improving the use of CBD.

The creators of this remedy have also included GABA, which is often used for individuals with anxiety and other mood changes. Much like CBD, GABA can help with pain, though there are some people that can increase their lean muscle growth and promote a better metabolism with it too. In Tommy Chong CBD, GABA is also crucial for better sleep.

Vitamin B6 plays a role in Tommy Chong CBD as well. The human body cannot make vitamin B6 on its own, even though it is crucial to the regulation of the mood and the digestive process. By including it in this remedy, users will notice changes in their ability to concentrate and in the overall health of their brain. It also supports memory and improves the health of the heart.

Valerian, an herb that promotes better sleep, has found a place with traditional doctors and holistic healers. Since Tommy Chong CBD focuses on improving the user’s sleep as one of the many benefits, it makes sense to add an ingredient that naturally promotes the relaxation that the body needs to enter their REM cycle.

This formula also includes Cordyceps Sinensis, a mushroom that offers anti-aging benefits, like improved longevity and a healthier heart.

Buying Tommy Chong CBD

When users purchase Tommy Chong CBD product, they will get two remedies with their order – a daytime formula called Good Vibes and a nighttime formula called Nice Dreams. They are shipped in pairs with both oils, and users can enjoy a 40% discount on the order right now, bringing the price down to $59 each.

While this package is enough for a one-month supply, users can also order:

  • A three-month supply for $45 each (3 bottles of Good Vibes and three bottles of Nice Dreams)
  • A six-month supply for $39 each (6 bottles of Good Vibes and six bottles of Nice Dreams)
  • All of these products come with free shipping, but there is no subscription available at this time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tommy Chong CBD

Q: Is CBD safe and fresh forever?

Not at all. A common misconception is that consumers can keep their vial of CBD oil around for months or years of consistent use while still getting the same performance. In reality, CBD is just like any other ingredient – there’s an expiration date.

Q: Why are some people unaffected by the use of CBD?

According to Tommy’s chat with a man named Dr. Clark, the effectiveness of CBD for consumers comes down to the dose they take and the way it is delivered to their bodies. While smoking is highly effective, only an IV dose can surpass it in terms of absorption. Taking a pill or consuming oil is much less effective than most methods, even when it comes to absorption through the skin.

Q: What happens when someone swallows CBD?

Like any food, the digestive system breaks down the CBD use into smaller pieces distributed throughout the body. Anything that isn’t deemed useful by the digestive system is flushed out as waste, which means that consumers are hardly getting anything out of capsules unless the dose is too high.

Q: Is it dangerous to consume high amounts of CBD?

Yes. Some research shows that CBD can damage the liver if it is taken in a high enough concentration. However, by using other delivery methods than swallowing the compound, consumers can avoid this risk.

Q: What is the Nano Solution?

The Nano Solution, as Tommy explains, is a process that breaks up the CBD into something more manageable for the body to process. Rather than allowing remaining liposomes to stay in the liver, this formula is broken down so finely that the bloodstream can quickly absorb it. Nano CBD is the resulting ingredient.

Q: Is Tommy Chong CBD as effective as other brands?

Yes, and more so. According to a study on this product, users experienced eight times the effects of typical CBD remedies within an hour of its consumption.

Q: How is Tommy Chong CBD meant to be taken?

Users only need a few drops of Tommy Chong CBD sublingually (i.e., underneath the tongue) once a day, though users can keep the effects going for the full 24-hours by splitting up the dose. Within about 15 minutes, users should start to feel the soothing yet energizing effects of the remedy, though it can take about 60 minutes to reach the maximum reaction. If users find themselves not getting the same impact, they should not use any CBD or cannabis product for 48 hours before their next dose.

Q: Other than Nano CBD, what’s in this formula?

Tommy Chong CBD also includes taurine, GABA, vitamin B6, valerian, and Cordyceps Sinensis.

To learn more about Nano CBD and the creators of Tommy Chong CBD variation, customers can either call 833-667-3223 or send an email to

Tommy Chong CBD Bottom Line

Tommy Chong CBD offers a way for consumers to improve their likelihood of experiencing the benefits of CBD as a whole, thanks to a different method of processing the CBD in the first place. The formula is combined with other ingredients that enhance the typical effects of CBD consumption, but without posing a threat to the liver. The onset of the impact happens in as little as 15 minutes, so users with an immediate need for relief mentally or physically will see a change without waiting.

To learn more about Tommy Chong CBD product, head to the official website, here.

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