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Sonoma Valley CBD: What The Research Says So Far




As big and successful as the CBD market has become, there seems to be a new product launching every single day in the space. Whether it is a new brand or an addition to a company's new product line, hemp-derived CBD oil-infused supplementation is on the rise. With so many CBD products to choose from, how should consumers go about reviewing the best CBD oils to use? The latest brand to launch is Sonoma Valley CBD and claim to provide a premium cannabidiol tincture that comes in the form of liquid drops.

What is Sonoma Valley CBD?

Created to promote overall health, the Sonoma Valley CBD Cannoabidol deals with chronic pain, anxiety, hypertension, and sleep disorders, all while boosting the body’s natural immunity and reducing the damage caused by free radicals. The website selling it claims that it’s as seen on CNN, Discovery, NBC and The Doctors, also clinically approved by medical specialists. While there are no third-party studies conducted on this CBD oil yet, the ones performed in-house should be enough. Also, the media claims and doctors’ validation aren’t precisely for the product itself, but for CBD as an ingredient. Seeing this oil is actually formulated with CBD, it’s more than likely for it to deliver the positive health effects of these incredibly beneficial compounds.

Nothing Specified on the Trial

The website selling the Sonoma Valley CBD Cannabidol encourages people to rush their trial and perhaps purchase the advertised product, yet nothing about what this trial is all about is mentioned anywhere. Since there’s a contact page featured at the bottom of the page, it would be a good idea to contact the company regarding this trial. Furthermore, there isn’t too much information about the company either, so a few questions about when it has started its activity and making CBD oil should be asked too. The reviews of other people who have used the Sonoma Valley CBD Cannabidol reveal that the product has been sold for a while now and is effective, but making an informed purchase is always better.

Is There a Certificate of Analysis?

A certificate of analysis can’t be found anywhere on the website either, which means asking about one is a very good idea too. While there’s a link to studies, researches, and tests on the positive health effects of CBD, there’s nothing specified about the product’s certificate of analysis. Besides, it’s not mentioned anywhere how much the Sonoma Valley CBD Cannabidiol costs, so the best way to go before purchasing it is to contact the company for more information.

While there are many proven CBD oil products out there for pain relief, consumers should email Sonoma Valley CBD oil before purchasing first to clarify the above red flags about the COA, independent testing, and free trial purchasing option. The email is and the phone is (855) 334-7948 and looks like the place of business is in Tampa, FL for Sonoma Valley CBD. To learn more about Sonoma Valley CBD, you can head to the official website, here.

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