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Reflex CBD: Essential CBD Oil (Cannabidiol Tincture) with Pure Hemp Extract?



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In a world of prescription drugs and man-made medicine, exists nature’s gift: plants. This exact existence has recently been emphasized on, as many brands are starting to understand compounds like CBD, CBG, CBC and CBN, and the differences they have made in bettering one’s health. This is where Reflex Essential comes into play.

Reflex Essential claims to have provided a solution that carries anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties to rid one’s system of pain and poor skin health. To see how this has been achieved, the following review will assess Reflex Essential as a whole.

What is Reflex Essential?

Reflex Essential is a cannabinoids-focused brand that specializes within the CBD industry. Based on the claims made, the direction taken to extract the various components of the cannabis sativa plant rests in relying on natural processes, many of which are common within the industry. To get a full sense of how Reflex Essential has handled cannabinoids, let’s take a quick look like its respective CBD Tincture.

What has Been Shared Regarding Reflex Essential’s CBD Tincture Oil?

Reflex Essential supposedly prides itself in offering an organically and naturally-formulated tincture oil in the heart of Kentucky, containing 250 mg of full spectrum cannabinoids per 30 ml. This is an ideal start considering the fact that full spectrum cannabinoids are widely known to interact with each other in their effect on one’s health at a higher rate than pure extracts.

Next, it is believed that two extraction processes were underway. First, CO2 extraction was used to extract the cannabinoids, which is common in the industry. What sets Reflex Essential’s solution apart from the rest is their use of cold press extraction – a process that is trusted to preserve existing compounds without any damage to it.

Another point worth mentioning is regarding the overall delivery mechanism. In general, the chosen delivery plays a huge role in whether the effects will be felt or not by consumers. As per the claims made, Reflex Essential uses a sublingual delivery system. This is definitely clever, as tinctures are known to get lost in the digestive system, but this has been prevented as the contents will directly enter one’s blood vessels. When it comes to the actual effects, it may take over half hour for its contents to kick it, but it’s the lasting effect that counts (i.e. 2 to 3 hours).

How Much can Consumers Expect to Invest?

It seems like consumers have three options to choose from, including: 1 tincture for $69.94, 2 for $99 and 3 for $148. Clearly, purchasing in bulk saves a ton more money, but it is ideal to test for tolerance and effectiveness prior to completely diving right in. Interestingly, Reflex Essential offers a subscription plan, in which a bottle is offered on a monthly basis for $29.95.

Reflex CBD Final Thoughts

Generally, Reflex Essential appears to have taken the right approaches in ensuring their tincture is of high quality. While most claims do seem to fit the guidelines of extracting and formulating a CBD solution, evidences (i.e. lab results) have not been made available. This being said, consumers can directly contact Reflex Essential for such matters, as most firms prefer to provide it via request.

As for the strength of the CBD oil achieved, 250mg is fairly decent as each 1ml contains 8mg, which many consider a great starting point especially for newbies. When it comes to its prices, $69.94 for 250mg of full spectrum might seem like a lot at first, but the fact that it contains a wide range of cannabinoids and added terpenes clearly reflected. For more information, check out:

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