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Real Scientific Hemp Oil [RSHO]: Trustworthy Pure CBD Oil Products?



real scientific hemp oil rsho

Have you been considering the likes of cannabinol (CBD) in recent times? Do you feel discomfort in relation to its overall affordability? Existing (yet limited) studies have concluded that CBD has the potential to bring a wide range of health benefits. This has namely been linked with the fact that CBD contains very similar chemicals to that of the body (i.e. endocannabinoid system).

When choosing CBD essentials, consumers need to consider its overall quality (i.e. full spectrum or pure CBD), brand’s reliability (transparency of information), diversity in products and believe it or not, affordability. Affordability is last, but in many consumers’ cases, it is the deciding factor. Having realized this, there exists a brand that emphasizes on “access to all” and this is where Real Scientific Hemp Oil [RSHO] comes into action.

The following review will provide a complete breakdown of RSHO with respect to its purpose, product line(s), and overall accessibility.

What is RSHO?

RSHO is a line that was originally distributed by HempMeds, whose purpose has been to ensure consumers have a trustable line CBD products that is both of high in quality and efficiency. As previously mentioned, accessibility is something RSHO values a lot because categorizing CBD as a medicine has been troublesome for several states and even countries.

To ensure consumers around the world can benefit from its properties, the RSHO team chose Northern Europe for their ideal climate conditions and the willingness of over 750 family farms who contribute to the overall production processes. To arrive to some conclusion as to how effective RSHO truly is, let’s dive right into their categories of essentials.

Are RSHO’ CBD-Infusions Diverse?

It appears that RSHO’s CBD-infused essentials lack in diversity because they currently only offer Capsules, Concentrates, Tinctures and Powders. Interestingly, the same essential comes in three colors, which include green, blue and gold. How does one choose between the colors?

According to RSHO, the Green Label is CBD in its rawest form, that is, once CBD has been extracted additional heating processes were not conducted, resulting in a 10% CBD concentration.

The Blue Label involves heating, which converts CBDa into CBD, giving a slightly higher concentration level: 17%. The Gold Label takes Blue to the next level, which involves a filtration process that enhances consistency and taste. The end result: 24% CBD concentration. They also purportedly carry a “Special Blend,” which combines all three colors – resulting in a 38% CBD concentration.

Keeping this in mind, let’s briefly investigate the different CBD-infused essentials available.

CBD Oil Capsules

Each of the CBD Capsules made available come in counts of 30. In addition, each serving is said to contain 25mg of CBD, and 200mg of calcium and a proprietary blend of turmeric and white willow bark. Interestingly, the capsules have been designed as ‘delay-release’, which implies that they will pass through the stomach. This is important, as it prevents the capsules’ contents from being destroyed before it can even be felt. The prices range between approximately $79.20 and $95.20.

CBD Oil Concentrates & Tinctures

RSHO’s CBD Oil Concentrates come in tubes. Each tube is said to contain 300mg to 1700mg of CBD along with terpenes, chlorophyll, CBD and other varying components. Ingesting oils typically take anywhere between 20 and 40 minutes before it can be felt, however, the benefits are said to last over longer periods of time compared to capsules, vapes and even topicals.

Alternatively, consumers can also give tinctures a shot, given that the need to intake essential fatty acids is prioritized. A remarkable fact of significance here is that RSHO goes as far as ensuring the material of the bottle is on par. In particular, the bottle is allegedly made of amber glass, which has been designed to preserve the overall quality of said tinctures. Another reason why one might choose tinctures over oils is that the former is more bearable when it comes to taste compared to the latter.

The overall prices for both categories combined can easily be anywhere between $23 and $2300.


RSHO’s powder, also referred to as “RSHO 1G CBD Isolate Powder,” is said to be the purest isolate powder to date. More specifically, it contains 99% CBD and is smell and test-free. For those who are eager to increase CBD levels per serving, the powder can either be incorporated into the oils or tinctures. This being said, consumers should ingest with caution as anything that surpasses one’s tolerance levels can result in unwanted side effects! The current going price of the 1g jar is approximately $49.99.

How Truly Accessible are RSHO Essentials?

Based on the analysis above, it seems like RSHO products have been reasonably priced and are accessible. Consumers can actually find something that satisfies their budget because RSHO has designed their solutions based on the aforementioned four labels.

Since the Green Label is less concentrated compared to the rest, the prices tend to be lower. Those who wish to have higher concentrations will have to pay more, which makes sense. This approach is smart because it includes the mass population without assuming that the concept of “one-size-fits all” will work!

In Summary…

In general, it is clear RSHO’s mission of accessibility and providing consumers with quality CBD is well reflected in the essentials offered. Not only do they carry different concentration levels of full spectrum solution, but they also tried to bring different formats to ensure consumers are comfortable with ingestion. Those who find oils intolerable taste-wise can turn to tinctures and those who have a low budget can purchase the powder separately to increase CBD content per serving. Therefore, the mix and match game are endless.

What makes RSHO unique compared to the average CBD firm is the emphasis placed on education. In addition to ensuring that consumers understand the very processes RSHO undergoes in creating their CBD-infused products, additional material on frequently asked questions have also been covered including a beginner’s guide to choosing the right CBD, how the different labels offer work, safe, daily serving sizes, and how CBD varies from other components to name a few. Furthermore, they go as far as updating consumers on recent news (i.e. laws) related to CBD consumption.

The single downside, amidst growing competition within the CBD industry, is their lack of diversity, as many firms today offer topicals, pet essentials, skin care, and many more. Diversity is as important as accessibility because it goes to show how effective CBD truly is and the different ways it can effectively bring said health benefits. Nonetheless, RSHO seems to have given their 100% in what they are offering. To find out more on RSHO, check out:

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