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mynd Gum: Cannovia CBD Chewing Gum for Energy and Calm Focus



mynd Gum: Cannovia CBD Chewing Gum for Energy and Calm Focus

A Colorado-based startup Cannovia introduces a next-generation chewing gum infused with CBD amid the ever-growing Cannabidiol industry expected to reach over $123 billion sales annually. Known as the mynd Gum bubble, these CBD products are created using the company’s natural ingredients to boost recovery, focus, calmness, and energy levels.

Many Americans use chewing gum, and many of the health-conscious ones adore chewable gums that contain a high content of safe Cannabidiol. Cannovia, renowned wellness, and health company, introduced its chewable CBD mynd gum to cater to the increased market demand. The new mynd CBD chewing gums are gluten-free, soy-free, and sugar-free, and nut-free. mynd CBD chewing gum is also Kosher and Vegan friendly. The company provides a Certificate of Analysis, or (COA) for each product, and can be seen on the official website.

Brian Baum, CEO of Cannovia, says that mynd gum targets the needs of sophisticated CBD customers and aims to allow them to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of CBD in style. These CBD gums are portable and strong and promise to boost your state of mynd. The mynd gums will be offered at four strength options, including recovery, energy, calm, and focus.

The company offers, each of the mynd Units holds five, 2-piece packets, with a total of ten single servings in each:

ENERGY- mynd gum 10mg CBD and 20mg CBG $24.95:

Fast-paced customers prefer pills and energy drinks to battle low energy issues. The problem with most pills and energy drinks is that they are high in caffeine, so besides surging your energy levels, they will cause jitters. Mynd Energy contains tropical fruit flavor combined with CBG and CBD hemp extracts to regulate your physiological functions to deliver optimal internal stability. The product also contains vitamins B and caffeine, helping the body turn nutrients into fuel, empowering you for optimal performance.

FOCUS- 20mg CBD, 10mg CBG, and Citicoline $24.95:

Concentration has become an almost impossible endeavor for most people due to many life distractions. The mynd FOCUS invention that combines flavorsome berry fruit flavors with CBD and CBG cannabinoids aims to stimulate your endocannabinoid system to help you attain optimum physiological balance.

The product also contains nootropic citicoline to enhance your focus and concentration.

RECOVERY- 20mg CBD and Taurine $24.95:

This CBD chewable is formulated to help you recover quickly after extensive workouts. Added with unique and quality CBD to stimulate your endocannabinoid system, ensuring you can achieve stress-free states, attain internal balance, and have a clear mentality. The product also contains Vitamin C, essential for counteracting the free radicals that damage cells, and vitamin B help your body turn nutrients into fuel.

CALM- 20mg CBD and L-Theanine, $24.95:

These innovative Cannovia CBD chewables are essential for regulating the human body's stress response, ensuring you can achieve and maintain homeostasis. Packed with amino acids, L-theanine, and mint flavors, the mynd chewing gum, CALM products promote relaxation and quality sleep.

What Customers Say About These Products

Customers that have experienced the healing power of these products have praised them for various reasons. Here are some testimonials from real customers.

Suzanne Walsh, a customer who used mynd FOCUS, says that as she drove across Colorado, lots of thoughts hit her hard, making her lose concentration, but after she took mynd FOCUS, her focus was back in less than 10 minutes.

According to Wes Cude, a mynd ENERGY fan, he had been drinking caffeine for years. Still, he never experienced results as amazing as the ones he experienced after taking mynd ENERGY. With mynd Energy gum, he never experienced jitter, and energy surges appeared almost immediately.

The mynd chewing gums are offered in cannabinoids concentration in ranges of 20mg to 30mg. They are fast-active and easily absorbable, so they show results almost immediately. The products are available for sale online and will be available in select retail stores in 2021. To learn more about the new mynd chewing gum and Cannovia, consumers can visit the official website at

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