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Can Medical Cannabis Benefit Brain Power for Producing Better Writing Skills?

Gregory Smith



Can Medical Cannabis Benefit Brain Power for Producing Better Writing Skills?
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Smoking cannabis can take your writing game to another level. Cannabis will lift you out of your ordinary writing style and push your limits towards brilliance.

How Cannabis Boosts Creativity

For long, cannabis has been closely connected with enhancing creativity. Smoking the herb makes you see the world in a new lens and makes the default method of examining the world melt away. Your view on everything will become supplanted by fascination, intrigue, and wonder. Feelings such as envy, outrage and resentment will vanish, creating room for comprehension, absolution, and appreciation. This recharged state of mind is fantastic when taking part in an innovative procedure. A better ability to focus and sentiments for sympathy will give your mind space to breathe.

You probably have heard the saying “cannabis opens the eyes” or “cannabis blows the mind” several times. These are two original depictions that surpass cliché and have some real substance in them. There is truly an enormous contrast in someone’s mental state with a pen and paper when sober, in comparison to hitting a blast or bong first.

The possibility that cannabis increases creativity is not just some justification made for inactive hippies to keep on hitting the pie. Marijuana’s effect on creative faculties is easy to note and has actually been explored by scientists.

A Journal of Consciousness and Cognition Paper in 2012 tried to consider the effect of cannabis on creativity. The authors of this paper express that ample research lacks in the area due to how hard it is to objectify or characterize creativity. These scientists set a model of innovative reasoning which conceptualizes someone’s creativity as a qualification between joined and divergent reasoning.

Test Results

The examination tested 160 members. Tests were done one day when members were calm, and on another day when they were under the influence of THC. The scientists realized that cannabis expanded the verbal fluency of participants who were classified as low creatives and did even more to “high creatives.” The paper’s authors presumed that the excessive use of cannabis enhances divergent reasoning as listed by the low creative’s verbal fluency.

Relationship Between Cannabis and Writing Skills

A good number of prominent and best-known scholars smoked and ingested marijuana. These include Stephen King, Carl Sagan, Quentin Tarantino, and Hunter S. Thompson. Likewise, reports express that William Shakespeare most probably engaged in periodic smoking of cannabis.

The use of cannabis tends to connect certain components of creativity. The real question is whether cannabis by itself prompts imagination, or whether innovative people are essentially bound to use cannabis.

A Journal of Consciousness and Cognition Paper of 2017 claims that the personality type of an individual assumes a big job in creativity as well as personality attributes. For instance, openness to experience could clarify the enhanced imagination of cannabis clients. The investigation indicated that sober cannabis clients demonstrated better self-reported creativity in contrasts with non-cannabis users, deducing that personality could be the main driver.

Gilbert Smith is rolling into his double digit year of occupation as a professional writer and skilled freelancer who has been worked and been featured with many mainstream media publications including and a host of others. The personality blended in with plenty of humor will shine through as he continues to highlight the pearls of the coming age of CBD oil.

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