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Jamaica Smooth CBD: Tinctures, Topicals, Capsules and Hemp Gummies

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Jamaica Smooth CBD: Tinctures, Topicals, Capsules and Hemp Gummies
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Jamaica Smooth is a CBD brand that sources its hemp from the Caribbean to help fight against inflammation, pain, and other health concerns. The creators use natural remedies in Jamaica Smooth’s process of extraction to deliver the highest potency CBD product possible, as a way to naturally heal the body,

What is Jamaica Smooth CBD?

There is no doubt that interest in CBD has continuously risen since becoming legal nearly two years ago, with the signing of the 2018 US Farm Bill. This interest has gained the attention of many other wellness-minded companies, launching their products in an attempt to profit and provide the purest sourced products they can deliver. However, the best way to get the most out of a CBD formula is to seek out a brand that is familiar with hemp, made by people that know the powerful benefits it offers. If that is the goal of the consumer seeking a helpful premium CBD source, then Jamaica Smooth has a few great options.

Jamaica Smooth focuses first on finding all natural remedies to the common problems that everyone in the world faces at some point. Using Caribbean folklore, the creators based their CBD remedies on the idea that every single sickness has a plant based natural solution. While marijuana may not be legal yet, hemp offers a helpful solution with many of the same properties. All of the remedies with Jamaica Smooth come with Premium CBD, using exclusively natural ingredients.

Products from Jamaica Smooth CBD

Consumers have different preferences in the way that they like to consume CBD, and Jamaica Smooth has developed using Cannabidiol (CBD) a naturally occurring compound found in the resinous flower of cannabis to provide a few different CBD formulas to choose from. Whether consumers want to fully enjoy the taste the CBD they consume, or they want to enhance it in a Caribbean flavor, they can choose from:

  • Hemp Derived Natural CBD Oil 250mg 30ml $37.45
  • Hemp Derived Natural CBD Oil 550mg 60ml $74.95
  • CBD Filtered Pre-rolls Pack 20 per pack $9.95
  • CBD Filtered Pre-rolls Carton $89.95 per carton
  • CBD Gummies 30 per package 10mg $24.95
  • CBD Flower 7g  $29.00
  • CBD Flower 3.5g $29.95
  • CBD Hemp Derived Tincture 12.5mg  5 – 30ml $22.00

The premium CBD oil is perhaps one of the most common ways for consumers to use CBD since it allows the extract to be mixed into other recipes or sublingually placed under the tongue and allows it to quickly and easily be digested by the stomach. Every bottle comes with its own dropper for more precise and customizable dosing.

The filtered CBD pre-roll' selections let consumers keep a typical smoking habit, replacing it with smokable CBD flower in a form that is familiar. It is actually packaged just like cigarettes, allowing the user to use CBD inconspicuously wherever they go. For consumers that want to taste the CBD more potently, they can choose an unfiltered version instead and are available in a single pack or a Cartons.

The CBD gummies don’t require any smoking at all. Instead, consumers can get a straightforward dose of 10mg of CBD each. Available in a 30-count package, consumers can choose from 4 premium flavors, coconut, banana, mango, and pineapple.

The dried CBD Flower product is fairly similar to the flower that consumers can get from a dispensary as marijuana. However, it has no THC and consumers can purchase whatever quantity they want. The packages range from 3.5 to 7 grams.

The tinctures are much like the CBD oil, except that there are many different flavors (like the gummies). Though sizes may vary, there are orange, coconut, peppermint, and natural flavors.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jamaica Smooth CBD

Q. Is it legal to use CBD?

A. For the most part, it is legal across the United States. There are a few states that have created their own laws, but CBD is both safe and legal to use. Hemp is presently used for multiple purposes across the whole world.

Q. What benefits can consumers gain from using CBD?

A. There are many ways that consumers have found CBD to be a helpful remedy, and the customers of Jamaica Smooth come for much of the same – relief from inflammation, a remedy for depression, a sleeping aid, and more. There are some people that have managed their arthritis, OCD, ALS, and epilepsy with its use.

Q. What is the difference between full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD?

A. Full-spectrum CBD uses as much of the plant material as possible to source the extract, making it more likely to cause an entourage effect for the user with a plethora Broad spectrum, however, is more specific, using only certain parts of the plant to create the extract.

Q. How does CBD work in the body?

A. CBD directly affects the endocannabinoid system, activating the release of chemicals that directly reduce pain and ease inflammation.

Q. What are your CBD capsules made from?

A. A vegetable-based delayed-release capsule, an exclusive for the company, that target the small intestine—not the gut—where absorption is higher and easily dispersed into the bloodstream.

Jamaica Smooth CBD Summary

Jamaica Smooth offers natural healing in the many CBD oils, gummies, tinctures, and pre-roll products to ease common problems, like pain and depression. With so many different types of CBD  premium products, consumers can cater to their experience to their taste buds and choices of ingesting without reducing the impact that the Jamaica Smooth CBD makes. The only worrisome aspect of this brand is the testing, as there is no indication on the website that these products have been tested or conducted for purity or that there is any sign of 3rd party lab reports. Consumers who are interested in learning more about Jamaica Smooth products can put in a phone call to ask more pertinent product questions by phone or email at,

  • Telephone:+1-800-766-6847
  • Email:

Abby Veronika is one of the leading researchers here and resides in Southern California where she is a student at a local college to study Communications. While she is a best-selling women’s romance novel author on Amazon, her real expertise and passion lives within the cannabis, health and nutrition space.

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