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Hemper Box: Monthly Premium Essential Smoking Accessories Subscription Box



hemper box

Hemper Box is a bargain for any stoner seeking to alleviate their accessory game. At only $29.99, the Hemper Box arrives periodically stashed with highly curated subscription items that make up the premium stoner accessories. Hemper, the parent company, prides itself as offering the Hemper Box with useful and exciting products with the value of around $100, for only $29.99 per month. But what is really inside the Hemper box?

We got ours delivered, and it was pretty exciting waiting to try out what's inside. First, it's noticeable that the Hemper Box packaging is inconspicuous and does not outright indicate any smoking tools as being inside. You get a lot of items, probably ten or more, including a premium glass piece. Alongside the glass piece, you are set to get a Tobacco Bowl, Rolling tray, RAW Folding paper, HEMPER Air Freshener, and an assorted Peanut pipe. Best of all, HEMPER also gives you a cleaning brush to keep your smoking equipment sparkling for your sessions.

A Peek at Other Subscriptions

The Bare Essentials Pack- $0.99

The Bare Essentials package carries just that- bare essentials. The box features just enough necessary rolling and smoking essentials to keep a smoker happy on a low budget. These core essentials include king-size RAW rolling papers, Hemp wick, doob tubes, rotating mystery items, and filter tips. Hemper throws in a different mystery item each month for the subscribers. Overall, the essentials that come with the Bare Essential would cost you upwards of $15, but this subscription box cost less than $1 in a month. Plus shipping fees, the Bare Essentials would cost you a maximum of $4 per month, which is a steal considering all the items.

The Hemper Pack- $14.99

While the Bare Essential is for the not-so-avid smokers, the Hemper Pack caters for the regular marijuana user looking for quality smoking accessories at an affordable price. The Hemper Box is a bit more packed with more items compared to the Bare Essentials package. A total of 7+ items are present ranging from the latest in cleaning gear, smell proof items, odor eliminators, and smoking essentials. Some of them comprise wipes, sprays, rolling papers and a smell-proof bag. At $14.99, this Hemper medium box gives value for money since its stocks original products, making them reliable.

Why we Highly Regard the Hemper Boxes

There is a lot that makes Hemper a reputable brand with the ability to provide the latest products at an affordable price. Here are the factors that make Hemper stand out.

  • Core monthly essentials: All of Hemper's subscription boxes bear the core essential smoking accessories for both beginners, intermediate and avid marijuana smokers
  • Limited editions and celebrity collaborations: Hemper also takes good credit with their PR strategies. Often, the company release limited edition products that are endorsed by some celebrities such as 2 Chainz, Ty Dollar Sign, and Cyprus Hill. These curated collaborations give Hemper a good reputation as a fresh and exciting smoking brand.
  • Comprehensive: As aforementioned, the Hemper subscription boxes are curated with the different categories of cannabis smokers in mind. For instance, with the Bare Essentials features a beginner smoker can enjoy their sessions without too much complexity. The Hemper Box is for a more advanced smoker looking for unique and different experiences.
  • High-quality glass pieces: Despite the low-priced subscription boxes, Hemper does not compromise on the quality of the glass pieces. Both the small water pipes and bubblers are quite sturdy and comprehensive enough to give you the experience you want.

Hemper Box Review

There are a few if any, stoner subscription boxes out there that can achieve the quality and consistency seen in the product curation and appeal of Hemper's boxes. Outright, they are also competitively priced not to break your budget. There is no denying that you are bound to enjoy the variety and usefulness that comes with Hemper's boxes.

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