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Recess CBD Drinks: Sparkling Water-Infused Hemp Extract and Adaptogen Beverages



recess cbd drinks

Since cannabis went main-stream, we have seen entrepreneurs use all kinds of niche markets to make products infused with the once controversial element. Edibles, tinctures, oils and CBD-infused body care products are all the rage right now with the items available in all kinds of manner. So, what remains?

While most cannabis companies focus on the niche as mentioned earlier market, there has been a massive opportunity up for grabs in bringing CBD and adaptogens to the beverage market. However, Recess, a consumer lifestyle brand, is already on course with their beverage products that combine a blend of CBD and adaptogens to their sparkling water recipe. Here's a review of how it hopes to win over the growing market for CBD-infused beverages.


Recess is a New York-based beverage brand creating products to assist people in feeling more balanced in an increasingly stressful world. That is according to the company's statement reiterated by the founder, Benjamin Witte. The brand has been in development for over a year now and only launched in 2018 with the goal of creating drinks that one can have at any time of the day to relax and have their creative juices flowing.

The Recess sparkling water drinks come in soda cans bearing fun fruity flavors and each content carrying ten milligrams of full spectrum cannabis extract to offer therapeutic benefits. The outlook would read as a CBD-infused version of the Lacroix drink. Besides, the company has perfected its formulation to come up with the following flavors: Blackberry Chai, Peach Ginger, and Pom Hibiscus

Each can is priced at roughly five dollars for the CBD-infused flavored drink of your choice. We got to order the Blackberry Chai and get a feeling of whether it is what it brag or outright a knockoff. The flavor was a bit overwhelming, especially to the taste buds. It left a sort of milder taste that you would not differentiate whether it was the flavor richness or the sweet taste of the sparkling water. Mind you; each can contains roughly four grams of sugar. Eventually, the drink's sweetness entirely masks the flavors and CBD itself.

Abot RECESS Ingredients

Recess sets itself with the use of adaptogenic herbs that help the body in fighting stress while offering a similar value proposition as the CBD.

  • L-theanine: L-theanine is an amino acid component sourced from green and black tea to assist in maintaining a healthy weight, improving sleep and reducing stress or anxiety.
  • Schisandra: Another adaptogen inside the Recess drinks is Schisandra. The plant component helps in building immunity, reducing stress, increasing physical performance and rejuvenating the body. The element is also in use for treating early aging.

What’s to love With RECESS?

In Recess case, the brand goes beyond being just a typical sparkling water brand. Despite being a novice in the market, there are already plenty of positive reviews and feedback on the different flavors and most of all, the after-effects of these drinks. For starters, the Recess drinks at cheap at five bucks a pop, compared to other brands of sparkling water that are high end priced. Not to mention, Recess also gives you a discount with the purchase of an eight pack.

And as apparent we did have to mention the great taste that comes with these Recess drinks, especially the Peach Ginger and Blackberry Chai flavors. We didn't get much negative feedback about whether the flavors were terrible, and this signifies warming up to the products. However, perhaps the best selling point is that Recess was innovative enough to fuse CBD into the sparkling water drinks. The company also mentions that there is no THC present with the CBD to adequately protect the consumers from any potential adverse psychoactive effects.

RECESS Review Verdict – Should I Try it?

There is no harm in trying out one of Recess' drinks especially if you experience tiring work shifts during the day. If you aren't confident in purchasing a substantial supply, you can opt for the Sampler package and ascertain whether Recess' products reach your standards before committing. You can learn more by visiting the official website,

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