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Goody Box: Monthly Do You Smoking Goodies Subscription Service Gift Boxes



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Curated products are becoming a favorite way to introduce customers to new brands and products within the market. The idea behind using these curated products or subscription boxes is that the consumer periodically gets a surprise package in their mail, depending on the service in use. The strategy is becoming a great way to get yourself a handful of cannabis smoking accessories you may not have known about or treat yourself to items you may not have bought.

With no particular bias, this article seeks to introduce you to a reputable subscription box that gives the marijuana enthusiasts a Goody box' of interesting curated smoking accessories.

What's Inside A Goody Box?

Goody box prides itself as a favorite cannabis subscription box within the cannabis industry with the popular products. These are

  1. The Loot Pack; The subscription box is available for $9.95 a month and comes with four to eight accessories ideal for cannabis smokers and rollers who seek to stock on the essential items. Additional shipping will cost you $3 on the 20th of every month. No glass item is present.
  2. The Goody Box: The Goody Box starts from $21.98 per month with five to nine items inside the subscription box. A major selling point with the Goody Box is that you are bound to get a Vape pen or smoking piece with each monthly delivery. This is perhaps why it is the most popular box product among Goody Box's brand. Shipping rates total to $6, but this is cheap considering the value ($45-$85) of the accessories inside.
  3. The Top Shelf: You can purchase the Top Shelf subscription box for only $79.98 per month and expect to get an occasional supply of seven to thirteen items. Goody Box estimates these accessories to be worth $150-$250, inclusive of the Top Shelf piece each month. The maximum you can fork out for this box model is $6.95, depending on your location.

How To Get a Goody Box

Subscribing to Goody Box would need you to sign up on their main website through the ‘Join Now' link. You would then be redirected to a page where you get to choose between the three subscriptions boxes available. Whatever choice you pick, a page would pop up to allow you to select a subscription plan: monthly, three-month or a six-month. After this step, you will need to fill out your shipping details and get to review the subscription order before it is sent.

Should You Subscribe to Goody Box?

There are plenty of reasons to consider as to why Goody Box should be part of your cannabis smoking arsenal. One reason is that 420 Goody Box offers monthly subscription box themes that each has unique accessories for the consumer. For example, January's box theme is “Hempy New Year.” The ideas help keep things exciting for the subscribers.

Additionally, the number of items is quite considerate with Goody Box especially if you reflect on the value to cost of the accessories inside the subscription boxes. Most Goody Box customers confess to having their smoking cabinets filled with plenty of tools for their marijuana sessions.

We also have to consider that Goody Box multiple subscription box options are affordable to cater for smokers with all kinds of budgets. The goal with Goody Boxes is to ensure that your affinity for smoking marijuana does not become a burden on your finances.

How the brand fairs

Until this point, it is rare to find a substantial amount of negative feedback regarding any of the Goody Box subscription packages. However, we did feel that not all the items present in the subscription are of good quality. As such recommending the brand depends on the user's commitment top smoking or rolling marijuana. Still, there is no denying that Goody Box is a different kind of cannabis subscription Box Company with a portfolio reputable enough with new and exciting products.

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