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Female Sexual Health Market Takes Liking to CBD for Wellness Benefits



Female Sexual Health Market Takes Liking to CBD for Wellness Benefits

While data is lacking on how CBD may work for female sexual wellness, some health experts claim hemp ingredients are beneficial for women because it lowers their stress levels and increases blood flow. Kat’s Naturals’ founder, Kat Merryfield says she had many women asking for CBD sexual wellness products:

“It's definitely a topic that women want to know about.”

Not Enough Studies

According to clinical sexologist and sociologist Sarah Melancon, Ph.D., “there is very little research that studies the use of cannabidiol and sexuality in humans.”

Dr. Leslie Mudd, a resident pharmacist with Cornbread Hemp, noted that:

“We don’t have any rigorous studies to prove that CBD helps in the bedroom, back seat, elevator, or wherever.”

She added that:

“If you think about it, CBD is perfect for intimate problems.  We know that CBD works with the endocannabinoid system to bring about and maintain balance within the body and to help us process serotonin, the ‘happy' hormone.' CBD can mitigate tension, anxiety, and worry by establishing a sense of calm. If anxiety and stress are less, we are better able to relax.”

Dr. Mudd is also a scientific reviewer at the University of Louisville Hospital/Brown Cancer Center in Louisville, Kentucky.

Can CBD Work as an Aphrodisiac?

For now, CBD working as an aphrodisiac is still up for debate. There are studies indicating cannabinoids can increase libido, whereas other research discovered finds it can decrease it. More than this, there’s also the theory that CBD works just like alcohol when it comes to sexual desires, by reducing inhibitions and reducing anxiety levels. Since it’s challenging to research CBD with the current marijuana laws, there haven’t been many high-quality studies conducted on hemp to date. Even so, CBD remains an intensely researched Instagram trend, having 501,000 Google Scholar articles and more than 8 million posts tagged #CBD.

CBD for Anxiety and Pain

Because CBD is very efficient against anxiety and pain, Merryfield says many people think of it as a cure for everything. Here are Merryfield's words on this:

“The most that CBD does overall is pain and anxiety. It's amazing how many factors pain and anxiety have on a person's life,” explained Merryfield.

“So if anxiety is happening in your digestive tract and it's ruining your bowel movements, then yes CBD would be helpful. If anxiety has caused fibromyalgia from many years of anxiety and dysfunction, then yeah, it's going to help. But is it a cure? Probably not.”

Dr. Chris Norris, neurologist, and physiotherapist, says CBD works great for those who have performance anxiety. Besides, it seems the hemp ingredient can also help women who suffer from some sort of sexual dysfunction, as it relaxes the muscles, relieves pain, and decreases inflammation. Here’s what Dr. Norris commented about this:

“If chronic discomfort or sexual dysfunction are problems, CBD may also be able to help with pain during sex. Studies show that CBD is a potent anti-inflammatory and can be effective as an adjunct treatment for pain.”

The Sexual Wellness CBD Market Expected to Grow

While the research on CBD for sexual wellness is lacking, people are still enthusiastic about trying it, and women buy CBD products hoping to achieve a healthier sexual life. Many of these women also opt for sexual wellness CBD supplements because these can easily be bought online. A study from Grand View Research says the US market for CBD sexual wellness will easily reach the $13.2 billion level through 2027. Merryfield expects it to increase as well, seeing more women are curious as to what the possibilities of using CBD could do for their sex life.

Judith Hayes lives in Maine and loves to visit Florida. She is a women of many talents and skills as her primary passion is freelance writing but is also a web designer, photographer and world traveller. Her experience in broadcast journalism is what led her into authoring several books as well as being a featured editor at the Journal of Health magazine. Judith enjoys writing about health, nutrition, vegetarianism, aging, lifestyle, technology and of course, cannabis and CBD.

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