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Eir Health: What To Know About CBD Oil No. 3, No. 6 and No. 30 Hemp Products



Eir Health: What To Know About CBD Oil No. 3, No. 6 and No. 30 Hemp Products

CBD or Cannabidiol is generating a lot of attention due to its health benefits. Health-conscious individuals are aware that CBD is helping stop chronic pain, anxiety, and reduce inflammation.

You might have already come across an advertisement of CBD products in a coffee shop, spa or the drug store. While this shows the popularity of CBD it also portrays an unregulated market.

For first-timers, considering making a CBD purchase is no easy task. That is because CBD products are not all equal. Others are straight up hyped products with awesome packaging but no benefits.

So, to be safe, there is a need for prior research on a CBD product or brand in your pursuit of therapeutic benefits.

One of the major factors to consider includes the brand company selling the CBD product. EirHealth, for example, will be part of assessment today as one of the CBD companies with a commitment to high standards.

Our next section explores, among other reasons, why EirHealth and its CBD products have created a buzz among CBD brands on the market.

The Product Portfolio


The product line consists of three concentrations of CBD oil tincture bottles (30ml each). The content of the CBD oil drops includes a full-spectrum hemp CBD extract with no additives and chemicals. Different qualities are available to offer varying potency: 300MG ($28), 600mg ($48), and 3000mg ($148). All the CBD oil packages are available for best use for anxiety, migraines, stress, body aches, insomnia, and pain.

CBD Aqua

CBD Aqua is EirHealth's water-based CBD oil formula. The compilation increases the bioavailability of the full-spectrum CBD to the body. You can, therefore, mix it with water, a beverage or take it directly.

EirHealth offers three categories of the CBD Aqua based on strength. The variations include; a 300mg ($78), 900mg ($148), and 1800mg ($248).

What We Like

To get a clear understanding of what EirHealth has to offer we also sought to find what gives EirHealth a unique position in providing cutting edge CBD products. Here's what we found.

Organic Formulas

Any consideration of a CBD product lies in how safe it is for consumption.

From field to bottle, EirHealth prides itself in crafting CBD products sourced from organically grown hemp in Europe farms. The cultivation process is also fully organic with no pesticides or chemicals in use.

EirHealth achieves this through its carbon-dioxide extraction process. The procedure rounds up all the harmful ingredients to ensure quality in EIR's CBD oils. That means the CBD products are 100% vegan and free from parabens, artificial flavors, toxins, gluten, and heavy metals.

Shipping Worldwide

Another great selling point with EirHealth is the company's capability to ship to a wide customer base. With operation bases in Europe and the USA, EirHealth is able to ship the CBD products across 52 U.S States, and 33 countries in Europe. Customers from these areas are able to access a unique auto-shipping feature model that ensures their supply when they need it.

Premium Quality

In the event you are also looking for quality CBD formulas, EirHealth is sure to win the bet.

The brand uses 100% full spectrum CBD, meaning the CBD composition still contains all the therapeutic elements- essential oils, different cannabinoid and essential oils. All these ensure that the plant pure extract remains pure enough to maintain quality standards.

To make this possible, EIR's CBD oil undergoes the carbon-dioxide extraction process that ensures it meets the third-party lab and pharmaceutical standards. The brand is able to meet the USDA's GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) standards and GACP instructions (Good Agricultural Collection Practices).

Discount and Refunds

First-time and loyal customers from the United States, EU, and the UK get to enjoy discount perks with their shipping process. All orders above $50 receive free shipping and orders below the $50 get a shipping rate of $8. Customers under the EirHealth subscription service also get a 20% discount for each product. However, if you feel that the EirHealth CBD products are not up for it, the brand offers a 30-day return policy available.

Should you try the brand?

EirHealth is a brand that portrays commitment in terms of offering high-quality CBD products. Their catalog may not be huge but with quality CBD oils and Aqua CBD, the brand guarantee quality over quantity. However, we still recommend it but remain unaware of whether the brand is legit. Much of distrust comes with our emphasis on background information, which is necessary to determine the kind of CBD being produced.

Alexander G. Smith is an experienced researcher for both new health topics and science coverage. Being a seasoned Human Resources professional, his content writing skills have sharpened in the areas of workplace and business topics but loves to focus on wellness and natural alternatives here at TOC.

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