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Vegamour CBD Lash, Brow, Hair Serums Launch Along with Cannabidiol Biotin Vegan Hair Gummies



Vegamour CBD Lash, Brow, Hair Serums Launch Along with Cannabidiol Biotin Vegan Hair Gummies

There are countless beauty brands on the market, but not all of them are made with quality ingredients and substances that users can feel comfortable in using. Those who follow a natural lifestyle and are looking for plant-based formulas may have a difficult time finding the right products. The good news is that one brand may be a prime option and it is called Vegamour. The brand’s formulas are plant-base formulas, some of which even include CBD. Here is some preliminary information about the brand so that users can make the right decision for their needs.

About Vegamour

Vegamour is a brand that offers plant-based beauty products that adhere to clinical efficacy and “real visible results.” As the brand explains on its website, its formulas are made with sustainably sourced natural ingredients. With these products, the brand is working on fulfilling its purpose of enriching people’s lives. Further, the brand is working to aspire to create a positive difference for everyone and to everything that it touches. With the many product options offered on the brand’s website, users may be able to find formulas that work well for them and that comport with their beauty needs and expectations.

The Science Behind Vegamour Products

The science behind a brand’s products can be telling of its quality and effectiveness. In this case, the brand explains on its science page that it has created “what could be the world’s cleanest, most effective hair restoration formulas – with trusted, scientifically proven ingredients and without harmful toxins or unwanted side effects.” The brands formulas appear to be made with the goal of providing users with clean and powerful options that they can count on. There is also a set of facts on the science page, which state:

  • 100% vegan formulas
  • 94% more effective density and volume delivery for lashes and brows
  • 70% less hair shedding after four months of use
  • 50% grater hair density after four months of use
  • 34% more effective delivery of lash and brow length
  • 0% negative side effects

The brand also provides a number of images showing the effectiveness of its formulas and the results that users have experienced when using its formulas. Moreover, it explains on the website that the brand commissioned an independent third-party clinical study to prove the effectiveness of its final formula when it comes to enhancing the length and density of eyelashes compared to placebos against a leading competitor that offers synthetic-based formulas.

Promising Qualities

There are also a number of promising qualities to be aware of when it comes to Vegamour’s formulas. For instance, those who visit the website will be able to view on the “science” page that the formulas are free from the following substances: prostaglandin, gluten, paraben, toxin, dye, synthetic fragrances, phthalate, castor oil, PEG, and petroleum.

The formulas are also made with a cruelty-free process, as certified by Leaping Bunny Program. They are also vegan and have received such certification from Vegan Action. Thus, those who are looking for products made with such standards can find them through Vegamour.

How Vegamour Products Work

It is also useful to understand how the brand’s products work. As the brand explains on its website, the brand’s serums feature bio-active phytomolecules that work to naturally restore, prolong, and develop the growth communication channels between the hair follicles and the dermal papilla. When the follicles become more active, they may be able to promote better hair density. In addition, the ingredients in the formulas have been shown to reduce hair fallout and breakage.

A few of the main ingredients that the brand adds to its products are:

  • Caffeine
  • Marula
  • Curcumma Longa
  • Mung Bean
  • Red Clover
  • Acetyltetrapeptide-3

In addition, the brand leaves out ingredients that can be damaging and harmful to one’s hair and skin. For instance, it does not include steroids, synthetic prostaglandins, and other substances. By choosing clean formulas, users can feel good about adding the brand’s products to their beauty routine.

Positive Testimonials

There are many different tellers of a quality brand, and one of those signs is testimonials. In this case, Vegamour has a number of testimonials on its webpage that users can view. The testimonials are positive and ones that users can feel good about. Many of them express pleasure and satisfaction with the brand’s products and the results that they offer.

Moreover, the brand enables those who have questions or who want to discuss expectations concerning lash, hair, or brow growth to contact the brand. The “science” page features a “contact us” box at the bottom of the page. There, users can contact the brand and have their concerns or questions addressed.

Vegamour Summary

Overall, Vegamour is a brand that offers a wide-range of formulas that users can add to their lifestyle. Those who visit the brand’s website will also see a 15% off button on the right side of the page. There is not telling how long this offer will last, so those who are interested should visit the brand’s website sooner, rather than later. Moreover, it is useful to read the return policy before purchasing so that users know what to expect. For more information visit

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