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TS-Life Review: New CBD-Infused Personal Care Products Launch



TS-Life Review: New CBD-Infused Personal Care Products Launch

TS-Life is a company that specializes in the MLM sales of skincare and supplement products. While the topical remedies offer CBD as a way to nourish the complexion, the dietary supplements include natural ingredients without CBD.

What is TS-Life?

Multi-level marketing (MLM) has been frequently linked to Ponzi schemes, mostly for the way that sellers are rewarded for their work. Most of these schemes offer their salespeople incentives to sell or recruit other sellers, like commissions or referral bonuses. Recently, Behind MLM decided to take a look at TS-Life and the way that they operate.

Launched in September 2018, TS-Life focuses primarily on the wellness and nutrition industry, distributing its products with an MLM-style sales method. Headed up by Caius Hale (CEO) and Jade Coyle (Corporate Response Manager), these co-owners have been in the market before when they were distributors at Vida Divina.

To be compensated, participants are given a chance to either gain monetarily through recruitment or from sales. The commissions are then paid down through a downline binary team, and the sales volume determines what they get. Much like any other pyramid reward, consumers are given different rankings, depending on how far down the levels they are, which determines the percentage of their commission.

For example, signing up at the bottom level makes a seller into a TS-Life affiliate, while someone at the top would be a 2MIL Black Imperial Diamond. There are 13 levels between these two statuses, and 1,000,000 million sales a month by the people below the top level is needed to climb.

Health and Wellness Products from TS-Life

All of the formulas offered by TS-Life focus on giving consumers different types of nutrition for their needs. The personal care products provide CBD in these remedies to improve the complexion, while the supplements do not include this extract.

Personal Care (With CBD)

The personal care products primarily focus on taking care of the skin. Some research shows that CBD can be used to reduce inflammation in the skin, while rehydrating and improving radiance. By including it in a topical remedy, TS-Life aims to make consumers feel more relaxed with a brighter complexion. While some products aim to reduce wrinkles, the whole line is focused on keeping skin looking young with CBD.

As the website states, “It's not new skincare. It's a new skin.”


Glo, while not available in the United States right now, includes plant extracts as a way to improve the complexion. Little information is available on this product, as consumers are not shown any remedies that are not available in their country, but it is offered for £47.99.


Referred to as the “Ultimate Luxury Face Cream,” Ultim+ is a cream that can be used in both the morning and evening, following the use of TS-Life's cleanser. Though it's not meant for the area around the eyes, it can be massaged into the face and neck.

Ultim+ is priced at $64.99 per jar.

Vital Eyes

Vital Eyes is an anti-wrinkle serum that is delicate enough to be absorbed into the thin skin at the eye. The remedy should be applied in both the morning and evening, though users are advised to use it with “a lighter, more delicate touch,” which is easiest with the ring finger in a tapping motion.

A bottle of this serum is priced at $61.99.


Illumen provides more intensive skincare, eliminating dead skin cells with AHAs and exfoliating particles. Unlike many of the other products in this line, it should not be used daily. Due to the abrasive nature of Illumen, TS-Life recommends only using it up to three times a week, leaving it for five minutes before rinsing. It should be followed with the application of the Ultim+ day cream.

The total cost of Illumen is $39.99.


Crystal is a cleansing gel that helps to eliminate blemishes and create a pure complexion. It removes dirt, oil, and other particles that may be on the skin, while the CBD improves firmness and reduces wrinkles. It can be used daily, though the company recommends a morning and evening regimen. It should not be used to wash the area near the eyes, and it can be rinsed off with “lukewarm water.”

This cleanser can be ordered for $24.99.

Other Supplements (Without CBD)

Right now, the company has already launched Supanova, which is the flagship product of its supplement line that is supposed to help with their health. All of the supplements center around weight loss and nutrition, including:

  • Volt – a vegetarian capsule with no caffeine but many natural ingredients
  • Zeto – a weight loss formula that continues to burn calories at night
  • Zone – a nootropic-style remedy that improves focus
  • D-Light – a meal-replacement supplement for a vegan diet
  • C-Raze – an instant coffee that offers other nutritional benefits

Much like the CBD skincare remedies, all of these formulas are not available in all locations.

Buying TS-Life Products

In order to buy from the website, the user will first need to select their location to determine what products are eligible to be sold there. The prices are in Euros originally (which should switch to the local currency), but the ordering page is preceded by a short survey regarding the way that the customer heard about the company.

Once this survey has been filled out, the user must choose to include the details of the representative that they were ordering through, or they must enter their customer login information. While there's a chance to register as a new customer, users are still restricted to certain products.

For instance, if the user is located in the United States, the Glo formula is not available. Also, the website seems to be slightly out of date for some products, since there is a launch date of June 27th for several products, but that date passed weeks ago.

As far as signing up as an affiliate, the price isn't shown anywhere on the website, though there seems to be a distributor fee.

TS-Life Bottom Line

Based on the investigative work of Behind MLM, it appears that TS-Life is a “spinoff” from the co-creators' previous work on Vida Divina. While there are many remedies on the market, and the company lays out their compensation clearly, the ability to get any of the formulas is problematic. For the few remedies online that are available, consumers will wait three weeks for delivery. However, the unavailable products still haven't been launched, even though the launch date was nearly a month ago.

Until these supply limitations are corrected, consumers are left to wait for an update on their website simply.

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