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Dreamt Cannabis Sleep Brand Launches New 30-Night Tincture with CBD and THC Infusions

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Dreamt Cannabis Sleep Brand Launches New 30-Night Tincture with CBD and THC Infusions
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Dreamt, a renowned California-based Cannabis brand, has amazingly released the first of its kind 150mg THC, 60mg CBD 30-night tincture. This significant breakthrough comes shortly after the company announced its award-winning sleep pen. The tincture, which is a 60 mg CBD, 150mg THC product, is designed to allow users to recuperative sleep in an easy-to-dose form. The Dreamt product also was named “Best New Product – Weedcon 2020”

Notably, Dreamt is the first brand of cannabis to develop a science-based cannabis sleep product. This comes as exciting news to America’s more than one hundred million people who say they are enduring an irregular sleep problem. Moreover, the drug will help an estimated 74% of people who regularly consume cannabis as a sleeping aid. The new product, Dreamt, is expected to fill a need for cannabis products that remain mostly lacking in usefulness as a sleep aid.

So far, the products now associated with Dreamt include the 30-night tincture, a 45-night vape, and the soon-to-come 2-night single shot. As a result, Carolina Vazquez Mitchell, the founder of Dreamt, who is also its Chief Scientific Officer, had this to say:

“I'm really excited about bringing this new product, the tincture, to the general market. The formula we used is incredibly effective. I am glad that the feedback received, so far, has also been positive.” Carolina is the brain behind the invention of the new product. She played a central role in developing the primary formula for Dreamt. She first introduced this formula in the course of her Ph.D. studies while at USC, trying to get a remedy for her own sleep problems.

The Panacea for Sleep Challenges

The Dreamt tincture is principally designed for use by people who are dealing with persistent sleep challenges characterized by difficulties in falling or staying asleep. The newly introduced 2oz tincture primarily contains 2 mg per dose of CBD, melatonin, alcohol, MCT oil, terpenes, valerian root, 5 mg per dose of THC, and melatonin. It comes free of added sugars, gluten, carbohydrates.

Ms. Vazquez Mitchell adds: “We always had a plan to adapt the formula used for Dreamt to align with several consumption choices. Regardless, due to the challenges resulting from the Covid-19 issue, we took the initiative to fast-track the progress of the new tincture. We realized that most people prefer an inexpensive non-inhalable consumable product. Moreover, it is evident that more people are now relying on cannabis to deal with sleep issues. Yes, with this consideration, the new product is specifically tailored to meet the expectations of the majority, going right there, to where they stand.”

The precise formula used to develop Dreamt generally helps to support the user's natural sleep balance. It does this using a variety of sleep-inducing compounds with proven efficacy; it does so in a precise, fine-tuned formulation. Moreover, it is now recognized that both CBD and THC play an essential role in enhancing deep sleep. Nevertheless, they are also known to hamper the attainment of REM sleep. On its part, the Dreamt tincture employs terpenes, valerian root, and melatonin to increase REM. In this way, it balances the formula, hence giving a restorative, and profoundly nourishing sleep to the patient.

Dreamt Comes Affordable

You can get the Dreamt tincture for $30 MSRP and enjoy 30 nights of improved sleep. Further, the company is unswervingly committed to keeping the prices affordable, as well as ensuring all its products are always accessible. Dreamt can be accessed in over 75 delivery services, and dispensaries spread all across California state.

Dreamt is essentially a cannabis-based award-winning sleep aid. The product is made using a precise CBD and THC blend and several other sleep-enhancing compounds, including valerian root, L-theanine, and melatonin. All this is accomplished using a proven, science-backed formula, resulting in a viable product.

Dreamt Receives Glowing Acclaim

Significantly, Carolina Vazquez Mitchell, the Chief Scientific Officer and originator of Dreamt came up with the unique formula while doing her Chemistry Ph.D. at USC. She wanted to find a way to treat her own insomnia. Carolina is a nationally-celebrated cannabis scientist. She has been featured as a leading expert in respected publications, including the mg and Forbes, HelloGiggles, and Rolling Stone. Moreover, she was recognized in Dope Magazine’s column of the “Outstanding Women in Cannabis.”

Dreamt is a Los-Angeles based, minority-owned, female, social-equity business. The newly launched product has received glowing acclaim from various reputable publications. For instance, Vice said: “Dreamt is one of the most useful innovations in 2020.” The Hemp Market Report admitted this: “We’ve become total experts from the time we began using Dreamt.” Also, the Weedcon publication declared Dreamt as one of “the best new products.”

To find out more information regarding the new Dreamt 150mg THC, 60mg CBD 30-night tincture. visit the official Dreamt website.

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