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New LEVEL SELECT Zzz CBD Oil Drops from Kadenwood are Infused with Melatonin

David Renfrew



New LEVEL SELECT Zzz CBD Oil Drops from Kadenwood are Infused with Melatonin
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The well-known brand Level Select has added Level Zzz CBD Oil Drops, a performance line committed to customer demand for pure CBD and consumer offerings.

Kadenwood, LLC, which is a progressive seed-to-shelf CBD consumer company committed to promoting transparency and trust in the general wellness field, has today announced the release of a new Level Zzz CBD Oil Drops. The newly-launched product is a full-spectrum, and all-natural, pure CBD oil infused with melatonin.

The new 0% THC, infused CBD oil product manufactured as an answer to requests by consumers who wanted a CBD oil that could help users get a more profound and restful, restorative sleep. The CBD infused oil with melatonin is another significant addition to the list of Kadenwood, LLC's CBD oil products that come under the brand “Level Select.” It joins the many new CBD oil offerings of its performance-based products line.

The Broad full-spectrum CBD oil drops that are associated with the Level Zzz brand has the potential to offer users a way to relax after a long stressful day and the calming CBD benefits. They come with melatonin's sleep-enhancing properties that can help relieve general insomnia. The product contains full-spectrum CBD, which is a blend of the Kadenwood proprietary blends. For every dose, it includes 3 mg melatonin and 40 mg of CBD, in a soothing vanilla flavor.


The new all-natural Melatonin-infused CBD oil product now joins the growing lineup of “LEVEL SELECTTM” topical oil drops, sports creams, and CBD Roll-Ons. All of these contain the natural components of CBD oil characterized by 0% tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC free. The latter was created by Kadenwood using a unique vertically-integrated production technology modeled as “seed-to-shelf.”

Kadenwood's Traci Mason had this to say:

“Although we take pride in keeping our commitment to maintaining the leading standards related to quality as well as potency, we are also committed to listening to our customers and positively responding to their needs.”

“For a time, we have received plenty of calls from customers who love our products and have used them for decades. They regularly ask for a product that would help them deal with sleep-related issues. In response to this, we took the initiative to develop a Level Zzz product, taking our quality standards and customers’ requests into account.”

Level Select an- Exceptional Quality Product

When interviewed, Eric Dickens, who is the co-founder and CEO of Kadenwood, also said:

“In reality, with the new Level Zzz product, we have significantly raised the bar and perfected the existing formula to give our customers the right mix of melatonin and CBD. We are convinced this will help them achieve a restful sleep as well as unwind; certainly, both of these situations are not easy to come by in these troubled and uncertain times.”

Regardless, he continued,

“This product is truly a game-changer; it has the potential to calm both the mind and the body. We take much pride in this notable milestone since it showcases our ability to respond to the needs of the customers as well as innovate quickly and come up with exceptional quality products.”

Notably, the new LEVEL SELECT brand's formula is a trailblazer for similar high- quality CBD products that work for personal care. This brand showcases a broad host of CBD oil products that are performance-based and which can help the users keep up with an active, healthy lifestyle. It should also cover the seemingly insignificant daily activities and spread to various areas, including competitive sports, physical exercise, travel, and other activities.

Several high-profile teams of experts participated in the latest Kadenwood production. Among these are Richard Carmona, MD, FACS, and MPH. A former surgeon who serves on the Advisory Board, providing fresh insights into set standards and best practices. His role ranges from offering guidance in internal practices as well as the applicable technological innovations.

The proprietary CBD by Kadenwood meets the highest quality and potency standards. The company is currently governed by its own agricultural and farm facilities that have set new CBD production and industry standards.

Essential Facts on CBD

CBD is essentially a cannabis-based non-intoxicating cannabinoid. CBD is recognized as the second most prolific cannabinoid, coming in after THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. CBD is highly touted and considered rich in offering a variety of therapeutic benefits. These include analgesic benefits, anti-inflammatory, seizure suppressant, and anti-anxiety properties.

Kadenwood, LLC

Kadenwood founded in 2019. It is a privately-run company that works in the consumer products lifestyle space. Kadenwood is primarily focused on matters of promoting CBD products for a safer mainstream and trusted wellness product.

To make this a success, Kadenwood is backed with decades of experience dealing in category innovation, CPG marketing, industry-leading, and integrated CBD farming. This experience is what guarantees the production of quality non-THC carrying CBD oil related to the seed-to-shelf type.

Kadenwood introduced its first “LEVEL SELECT” personal care branded products in 2019. To find out more on Kadenwood and Lever Select's new all-natural Melatonin-infused CBD oil, visit the official website here.

David Renfrew is just now beginning his journey at TOC but has found himself on the forefront of the Canadian cannabis culture and marijuana movement. Among being a vocal CBD advocate, Dave is also a politically active father, author, small business owner and fierce reader of fiction and non-fiction. While early, the strong research skills and truly gifted writing talent make David one of our top editors.

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