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New Limited Edition THC-Infused Kat’s Craft Collection CBD Products from Kat’s Naturals Debut



New Limited Edition THC-Infused Kat's Craft Collection CBD Products from Kat's Naturals Debut

Kat’s Naturals is a renowned dealer of CBD products that manufactures a range of more than 30 unique CBD items. These include pet supplements, sublingual oil, and a variety of skincare items. Kat Merryfield is the renowned Founder and CEO of Kat's Naturals. Kat believes strongly in organizing her business to cater to consumer demands while maintaining reasonable standards and ethical values.

The company uses a unique procedure, always testing each product three times; this ensures purity and the highest quality. Moreover, it uses organic materials that are obtained from local farmers, shares 10% of profits with charitable bodies, and uses packaging methods that are high-quality and environmentally friendly.

On June 15, 2020, Kat's Naturals, a reputable, privately-run CBD company, released the newest limited edition of its first Craft Collection. The significant event coincided with the Tennessee music and art, as well as the state's valued hemp and agriculture festivities.

Interestingly, Kat's Craft Collection comes as “a 32:1 CBD: THC ratio, limited edition product. This is a sublingual combination of CBD and CBDa”. The debut product, released by Kat's Craft Collection, is prepared from the hemp plant considered a plant-1 and known for containing essential terpenes, and cannabinoids high concentrate and are grown in Tennessee.

Notably, this CBD proprietary blend combination provides benefits that are important to mood-enhancing that are generally attributed to CBD. It also acts as a nausea relief, digestion processes, besides working as a powerful agent for managing pain. Kat Merryfield, Founder, and CEO of Kat's Naturals said:

“The Kat's Craft line is unique for the CBD hemp industry. From cultivating the plant to bottling, we are bringing our customers some of the purest, most distinguished product on the market”

“It's like a plant in a bottle…the moment you pop the cork, you will smell, taste and feel the T[ennessee}-1 strain, as if you were picking it fresh from the fields.”

Kat’s Unique Milestone

This is a one of a kind breakthrough by the company and showcases what can be achieved when a single-origin, vertically cooperative and fully traceable company wants to provide customers with high-quality, pure, and healthy products. Significantly, the achievement by Kat's Craft Collection was realized through a strategic collaboration that involved the producers and the Tennessee state hemp growers.

Moreover, Kat's Craft Collection is the product of a special partnership that involved various agencies, including Kat's Naturals itself, Nashville's Nusachi, which is a renowned expert in plant material, extracts, custom formulations and genetics, and Optimara Agriculture.

The latter is a high-grade indoor grower of CBG/CBD clones and seedlings within the Nashville region. The other partnering group is the Status Serigraph from Knoxville, Tennessee. The company is a well-known specialist in the production of limited-edition design and concert posters that are generally used in the music industry.

“Partnership with Tennessee's NuSachi and Optimara Showcases Single Origin, Fully Traceable, Pure Plant Products; Artwork Celebrates State's Ag and Music Roots”

Optimara Agriculture

Optimara Agriculture is headquartered in Nashville, Tenessee. It is a business division of Optimara. Significantly, Optimara is the world’s largest African Violets grower.

The company cares for plantation growing operations with a particular emphasis on the needs of farmers. This business includes guiding farmers on planting, harvesting, and testing procedures. Optimara has progressively turned into a favorite source for top-quality CBG and CBD varieties of clones, as well as hemp seedlings.

The Founder at Kat’s Naturals

Kat Merryfield is the Founder and CEO of Kat's Naturals. Merrifield is a qualified nutritionist and herbalist who boasts more than 10 years' experience working on blending farm-to-home goods, as well as the development of acclaimed therapeutic and homeopathic remedies.

The renowned expert’s remarkable story began about 10 years back when she ventured on a journey to find a remedy for her veteran spouse’s combat-induced trauma. Taking advantage of her vast academic and professional background that revolve around nutrition, natural health, and herbal consulting, Kat determined to develop unique, organic, high-grade wellness products. 07

She commenced the work in her Tennessee homestead. From that time, Kat’s Naturals has consistently come up with a range of sustainable, organic, high-grade, GMO-free online products that are peculiarly aimed for health and wellness. These items can readily be found in many stores all over the US.

NuSachi Inc; A Partner in Success

Nusachi, Inc, one of the collaborating companies in the project, has Tonya Lewis as CEO. The company collaborates with nutraceutical, pet, pharmaceutical, food, beauty, and beverage producers to guarantee transparency food, starting from seed to premium hemp, in the world market.

NuSachi also specializes in giving services and expertise, ranging from plant material, extracts, genetics, and comprehensive solutions for turnkey and white labeling. The company has its headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee.

Kat Merrifield had this to say:

“Our Craft line at Kat’s offers a unique experience, peculiar to the CBD hemp trade. Right from cultivation to plant bottling, we are ready to present some of the most unique and purest products on the market. It is just like a plant put in a bottle; as soon as one pops the cork, he will smell, feel and taste the Tennessee -1 variety, just as if he is picking it straight from the fields.”

Nusachi CEO, Tonya Lewis adds: “It’s significant that Kat’s Naturals has steadily gained recognition as a great inspiration to the key players in the hemp and CBD industry in Tennessee. It is also a top brand in the region. Moreover, the proprietary processes of NuSachi are perfectly aligned with popular products, like the brand that Kat Merrifield always keeps alive in mind.”

“We are proud in the knowledge that Nusachi is privileged to play such a crucial role in making the renowned therapeutic and healing product available to all people. This makes our team quite joyful as well. Regardless, we exist because we recognize that customers who buy the products manufactured by Kat’s Craft Limited are choosing quality over quantity. This makes us truly proud.”

The NuSachi SOLAR System

This solar system is a special proprietary mechanism that works well in the hemp and cannabis trade area. It produces an extraction of the SOLAR or Single Origin Live Active Rosin. This complies with high-quality manufacturing requirements borrowed from the international best practice. The process ensures that the hemp flower gets flash-frozen during harvest. Then, the plant is gradually extracted without solvents. This results in “live rosin.” The latter is primarily a pure extract taken from undried, unheated and untreated plant material—the action of flash-freezing works to preserve the fingerprint of the terpene. Thus, during harvest, the extraction delivers the best expression of the plant.

Fresh Branding

Kat's Naturals came up with new visual branding and packaging for Kat's Craft Collection, with the desire to reflect the high-quality product packed inside a bottle. This innovation was realized with the help of Justin Helton, an artist who works with Status Serigraph.

Significantly, Helton is a famous artist who is well-known for designing some big names in music, including the Phish and Dave Matthews Band and the Grateful Dead. Using his 15 years’ experience gained designing concert posters for major international bands, Helton produced a package that brings to mind the famous vintage band posters which you get in a collectible and apothecary-design bottle. Helton himself said this:

“As one who regularly designs for musicians and their concerts, getting the opportunity to work on a CBD project was somewhat intriguing… Regardless, I got a chance to spread wings…A chance to take more pride in my designs. Hence… this was a great fit, talking about collaborations…”

You can get Kat’s Craft Collection for $188 in a 120 ml or four-ounce bottle. The bottle also contains 120 1-ml servings. You also get a series of measurement markers in the dropper applicator.

This is great to ensure flexibility and accuracy for your preferred serving sizes.

Arina has a Master’s degree in Business and lives in Sydney, Australia and is one of our top contributors as a postgraduate qualified writer. While being a Member Of The Appraisal Institute, she focuses her writing efforts on health, home, business, technology and now cannabis/cbd here.

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