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Dr Kerklaan Therapeutics: Doctor-Designed Hemp CBD Skin Creams and Topicals

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Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics
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When it comes to the cannabinoids industry, many still remain quite hesitant. Most often, said individuals include health practitioners, as some have openly expressed doubt as to how truly effective the likes of cannabidiol (CBD), cannabinol (CBN), or even cannabigerol (CBG) are. They are definitely not to blame, as the number of studies conducted on humans is countable, which is insufficient for reliability purposes. This being said, there are others who support the ingestion of cannabinoids – with one of them being Dr. Kerklaan.

Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics is his way of expressing his passion for a one-on-one healing experience. The brand is allegedly founded on the notion of helping patients improve their health. To fully understand how Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics started along with the meaning given to cannabinoids, the following review will further explore its purpose, products offered and what sets the overall brand apart from the rest.

What is Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics?

Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics is a doctor-designed CBD topicals brand. Some of the general areas of health that have been addressed in making said topicals include bodily inflammation, restlessness and insomnia, and personal and skin health.

As per the claims made, Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics stemmed from multiple one-on-one experiences, where Dr. Kerklaan assessed each concern and did his best to bring relief. His interest in CBD sparked in 2013 – the same time when a documentary devoted to CBD and its ability to ease seizures was made available. Not only did he become aware of its potential benefits, but his patients did as well. Eventually, he dived into the necessary research and development and came to terms with it.

Upon suggesting said solution to one of his patients in her eighties, he was not only amazed by how open-minded she was in trying something new, but even more so with the results obtained. According to him, it wasn’t a problem solver, but one that eased symptoms to the point where his patient earned independence from all sorts of pain. This is when the need to start a line of his own came about.

How Have Cannabinoids been Masked in Dr Kerklaan Therapeutics?

Captivatingly, what makes Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics unique is the attitude reflected towards easing different areas of health. When we hear “topicals”, we either assume pain relief or skin health, but Dr. Kerklaan decided to keep it as the main delivery method for sleep and personal health-related concerns as well. Here’s a brief look at each essential:

Natural CBD PMS Cream

As the name clearly indicates, the Natural CBD PMS Cream has been designed to reduce symptoms associated with one’s menstrual cycle. More specifically, it claims to target cramps, muscle tension, and pains in the abdominal and lower back regions – which are the most common types. In order to achieve this, the solution is said to contain 120mg of CBD, full spectrum extract and a hint of vanilla to ease the mind.

Natural CBD Sleep Cream

The Natural CBD Sleep Cream claims to induce restful sleep for a complete immune regulation and self. The contents of the cream – in terms of ingredients – is similar to that of the PMS Cream. Remarkably, its uses are as simple as rubbing it onto one’s temples, neck and shoulders. Ultimately, the sleep cream is one of dual-purpose, where sleep in stimulated while ridding the body of tension and stress.

Natural CBD Skin Cream

When it comes to the Natural CBD Skin Cream, one can expect it to help treat skin problems. Some of the concerns one no longer needs to worry about include irritations, inflammation, itchiness and dermatitis.

Natural CBD Pain Cream and Spray

Of the all the solutions offered, the Natural CBD Pain Cream is the one to contain the highest strength of CBD: 180mg of CBD with full spectrum extract. Other ingredients found in this muscle and joint health-boosting cream includes eucalyptus, peppermint and lavender.

The use of alternative ingredients, in this case, is praiseworthy, as the first is a natural analgesic (i.e. known for its ability to bring relief), the second induces a cooling way of to bring relief and the third simply focuses on one’s mind and how to achieve a sense of relaxation. The Natural CBD Pain comes in both cream and spray mediums.

Why Choose Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics?

The main reason why consumers might retort to Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics is the fact that each solution was created in a doctor’s perspective, which in most cases brings a sense of reassurance to consumers. Surprisingly, the necessary lab results were not made available to convince consumers of the products offered. However, this facet isn’t the only way to measure reliability.

Another way in doing so is the recognition that has been achieved, which in Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics case is seen in the forms of Forbes, goop, PAPER, Rolling Stone, Departures, B+C and many others.

As for the products themselves, what makes Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics unique from its competition is the supposed ratios attained, the triple lab tests, and the convergence of important players such as biochemists and health practitioners to meet healthcare standards.

One thing that is unexpected is the concentration of CBD used, as the average CBD cream can easily exceed 200mg per purchase. However, the more isn’t the better when it comes to using CBD, as it relies heavily on ratios and effectiveness. Sometimes pushing beyond the boundaries can bring one nowhere, hence Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics’ way of making a point about CBD and full spectrum strength. For more information, check out:

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