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CBD for Menstrual Symptoms: Is CBD Effective for a Women’s Periods?




Effectiveness of CBD on Menstrual Symptoms, Here’s What You Might Find Fascinating

We are all about to move from the times where Tylenol and applying heat to ease menstrual symptoms was used to possibly the use of cannabidiol (CBD).

In a piece by CBD Snapshot, a closer look at how CBD may tend to common menstrual symptoms including cramps and pains, mood swings and nausea and bloating was shared. Here’s a summary of how CBD can help and mention of a personal experience along the way:

CBD to Help Cramps due to Anti-Inflammatory Properties

When one endures their period, cramps are a result of muscle contraction within the uterus. The main driver of this is the release of hormones. For some, pain might come in the form of cramps, while for the others it can range from excessive bleeding to a wide range of backaches.

That said, CBD is argued to be beneficial because of its anti-inflammatory properties, as well as its ability to induce muscle relaxation. This means CBD ingestion can lead to reduced aches, joint pains and may even ease the way one reacts to the pain experienced.

CBD’s Ability to Ease Anxiety and Stress Deemed Essential For Mood Swings

At any point during one’s period, the different types of emotions felt at once is far too many to expound upon. This being said, CBD is deemed helpful in the case of mood swings because of its ability to ease stress and anxiety in people.

CBD Vs Nausea and Bloating

The significance of CBD in resolving nausea and bloating goes back to the cramps, as both involve inflammation. According to the claims made, CBD has been shown to ease stomach aches by regulating bowel movements. Whether this is backed by a study or not is still unclear, however, CBD’s role in the digestive system is what seems to tend to such symptoms.

A Personal Experience to Understand CBD for Menstrual Cycles

The CEO of Peak Extracts, Katie Stem deems that CBD can be deemed a “viable treatment option,” re-emphasizing that, “CBD can be useful in treating pain, inflammation and smooth muscle spasm, all of which are present during the experience of menstrual pain and discomfort.”

For Stem, the delivery system for CBD that worked best includes “inhaled or oral uses,” because menstrual-related pain stems from deep within the abdomen. Other forms of delivery including tinctures, edibles, etc. are known for taking longer periods of times before it could take effect. Another possible solution suggested by the CEO is the use of CBD-infused vaginal suppositories, which get absorbed in the vaginal mucosa.

All-in-all, Stem urges that consumers get professional guidance on possible interactions that might arise “If you are on prescription medication.”

Skylar is a very valuable writer at COR with over a decade of decorated writing history as well as a Master’s Degree in Business. She considers herself an artist when it comes to authoring diverse guides and coherent reviews on many different topics of interest, especially the cannabis and CBD industries.

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