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Remedy Review Senior Cannabidiol Case Study: CBD Enhances Majority of 1,000 Elders Who Tested



Remedy Review Senior Cannabidiol Case Study: CBD Enhances Majority of 1,000 Elders Who Tested

More individuals are now embracing CBD, taking the place of their conventional pharmaceutical medications. Senior citizens also benefit from the medicinal effects of CBD.

Short for cannabidiol, CBD is a compound that is present in cannabis and hemp. People regard this substance as having medicinal value. People use it to feel calm, help them to sleep, and relieve pain. However, many people always associate cannabis with getting “high”. This is the natural effect of another substance found in the plant, tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. Modern science now allows for the separate isolation and extraction of cannabis compounds. This means one can benefit from cannabis’ medicinal effects without the disorientation and “stoned” sensations.

Remedy Review studied 1000 seniors aged at least 54 years old and found very interesting results. While the study revealed that only 9 percent of the study participants used CBD, more than half (51%) of the 9 percent verbalized overall improvement in their quality of life. The same study also identified CBD oil drops as the most popular method of CBD delivery among the elderly.

There were 54.4 percent of the elderly who preferred applying the CBD drops on their tongue. Another 21.1 percent take CBD oil as an additive to their morning coffee or any other beverage. About a fifth (21.1%) of the senior study participants preferred taking edible forms of CBD oil like CBD gummies. About 15.6 percent of the elderly CBD users take pills and capsules. Only 10 percent of the study participants using CBD said they prefer smoking it or vaping.

The study also explored the reasons why seniors use CBD. Forty-two percent of them use CBD to manage a number of inflammatory processes. A close 41 percent of the elderly took CBD to alleviate and manage chronic pain. Close to 39 percent of the seniors in the study said they use CBD so they will have a good night’s sleep. About 32 percent take CBD to ease the symptoms of arthritis, like swelling and pain. For the elderly who tried using CBD, 61 percent of them reported pain relief while 46 percent experienced a more restful sleep.

The results of the study are not conclusive. However, they do provide a basis for the use of CBD among seniors as a safer alternative to pharmaceutical medications. Seniors often require multiple medications to address a variety of concerns.

There are those who need regular doses of opioid painkillers while others have a need for medicines that address high blood pressure, insomnia, anxiety, and inflammation. CBD is non-toxic and it is organic. Hence, it doesn’t cause addiction nor carry dangerous side effects. It is a good option for the elderly as CBD is now readily-available. It also comes in different delivery systems and easy-to-use forms.

CBD can help with pain and insomnia that are often associated with aging. It is an effective stress reliever. Individuals who are already in their 60s can tell you about the travails they have to go through everyday trying to cope with pain.

There are studies that show that more than half of all seniors lead solitary lives. Four in five seniors living in care homes also suffer from pain every day. Sadly, pain in the geriatric population is not treated properly. Chronic, undertreated pain can cause depression, mobility problems, and anxiety in the elderly.

What is ironic is that many elderly individuals do not report their pain to their physicians, thinking that it’s all a part of aging. This means there are many seniors and elderly who are suffering in silence and getting depressed while watching their quality of life take a downward spiral. It is for this reason that CBD is a good option for seniors. There’s no harm in trying.

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