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CannaWine CBD: Hemp-Derived Cannabis Oil-Infused Red And White Wines



CannaWine CBD

CannaWine is a company that has created two separate wines that have the sweetness of wine, along with the benefits that CBD has boasted through tons of research. These drinks can only be purchased from the third-party retailers that have chosen to carry their varieties.

What Is CannaWine?

As adults, many people take the time to explore the variety of wines available to find something that meets their taste buds. The process of developing a good wine is an art, and each one has different flavors and notes that hit the taste buds in ways that each person enjoys. Wine is known for its ability to relax and satisfy the drinker, but what if that relaxation and flavor could be taken to a new level? CannaWine aimed to explore that idea.

CannaWine is developed in a much different process to include the effects that wine always offers, but with the added benefit of cannabis sativa L.

The website describes the wine by saying,

“The combination of wine with non-psychoactive cannabinoids like CBD, together with 112 more, allows you to experience good savour, aroma, and taste while enjoying CBD, or cannabidiol, therapeutic qualities.”

As the user drinks the wine, they will be able to enjoy the euphoric and stress-free benefits that CBD provides, experiencing wine in a brand-new way.

CannaWine originally was developed in 2010, as the company began to play with the idea of combining CBD and wine, though the project was impossible to complete at the time. Over the course of three years, the wine eventually was developed, and customers reacted positively.

By 2015, CannaWine says,

“The dawn of CannaWine shows the world that with determination, illusion, effort, knowledge and never giving up, amazing things can be achieved. Created by professionals and also friends, we changed the direction combining new sensations, creativity, innovation and real flavours. It is a daring and pioneering product that combines the best of wine-making industry with the exuberance of CBD.”

CBD, which is also known as cannabidiol, comes from the cannabis sativa L. plant, when used with this wine. There is been plenty of research in the industry so far about the effect that CBD has on the body, which is due to the endocannabinoid system that naturally exists. The ECS has many receptors, and the balance of CBD makes it possible to regulate various aspects of the body, like mood and inflammation.

The recipes are simple with CannaWine – there is CBD and there are grapes, and then the magic that comes with the creation of the products. However, the beauty of these drinks is that there is no risk of experiencing a psychoactive effect that consumers often expect to get through cannabis, because they offer no THC.

Hemp-Derived Cannabis Oil-Infused Wine Products

Consumers do not really have a variety of the wines yet to purchase from. Right now, CannaWine has focused on developing one white wine and one red wine.

The red wine is influenced by Spanish culture, using red grapes that are “50% garnacha and 50% cariñana original from the Costa Brava,” giving the wine an intense red hue. The sweetness, which also comes from red and black fruit, makes this full-bodied drink memorable. It comes with 14.5% alcohol and is meant to be chilled before drinking. CannaWine recommends the red wine for pairing with appetizers and desserts, due to its sweetness, and says to allow it to chill for several minutes to take the edge off of the intense aroma and flavor.

The white wine is also influenced by Spanish flavors, instead using grapes that are “50% white Garnacha and 50% Macabeo original from the Costa Brava.” It has a sweet taste as well, using exotic fruits to round out the flavor. Since the flavor of the white wine is a little subtler than its red counterpart, consumers may want to add it to their meal when pairing.

Both wines have 50mg of hemp extract per bottle, which are 500ml each. The Oenologist for both wines is Pau Albó i Carles.

Purchasing CannaWine

Because of the many places that allow for the use of cannabis, there have been many third-party retailers from different countries to decide to sell CannaWine.

Presently, countries that make these products available for purchase in local stores include:

  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • Germany
  • Denmark
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
  • Greece
  • Netherlands
  • Slovenia

To link to the locations in these areas, consumers can visit the “Buy” section of the website to find all of the local stores and check their inventory online.

Contacting The Creators Of CannaWine

Considering how innovative and new these wines are, consumers may want to learn more details before they decide to make a purchase. The customer service team is available by phone and email.

  • Phone number: 655-343-845
  • Email address:

Consumers can also submit an inquiry by filling out the online form on the official website.

CannaWine CBD Summary

CannaWine brings a new way to drink wine, and a new way to benefit from it. The products are not available in the United States yet, but international travelers will be able to find it on their journeys to the aforementioned countries. Perhaps the growth of this brand will eventually make it possible for every country around the world to enjoy its flavor and effects.

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